Are People Really Still Hating On Tim Tebow?!?!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011
Written by Derrick Kosinski
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What was any one's problem with Tim Tebow in the first place?! Was it because he had a strange throwing motion???? Was it because he gave praise to GOD, JESUS CHRIST, THE MAN UPSTAIRS, HIS SAVIOR wherever and whenever he got a chance??? Was it because he works too hard?? Or are people still pissed because he dominated college football and beat their favorite college football team when he was a student athlete at The University of Florida?

Derrick Kosinski Defends Tim Tebow

I don't understand?!?!

How can so many people hate on a guy with so many great qualities?! I mean he's pretty much a walking, talking "Good Example." Is THAT the problem? Is he too good? Is he too good at being good? Does he win too much? Is that what makes people mad? Are people pissed because he went 2 for 8 as a starting quarterback and managed to somehow lead his team to victory in the National Football League? Are all of the retired quarterbacks, who are now analysts, upset at Tim Tebow because he's different? Because he doesn't win football games the way "normal" quarterbacks "usually" do? Michael Vick slaughtered dogs and didn't get hated on as much as Tim Tebow is getting criticized! Analysts went after Cam Newton's throwing motion and got shut down after 1 game. Cam Newton's putting up great numbers, but Tim Tebow is winning football games!

Please forgive me for all my questions and ranting. I haven't even gotten into all of the positive qualities I admire about Tim Tebow because I'm baffled by why people disliked this guy so much for so long. People pretty much laughed in this guy's face and told him he wouldn't amount to diddly squat in the NFL!! I couldn't stand hearing it and I couldn't wait for Tim Tebow to get a chance. I told myself, "Wait until this guy gets an opportunity.Wait until they let the animal out of it's cage. It's going to be spectacular."

Great work ethic, a positive attitude, a good person, thankful for all of his success, appreciative of his opportunity to play in the NFL, the passion to do something he loves to do, the will to win, the mental, emotional and physical strength to take on everyone and anyone that steps in his way and shut them down on and off the field....

Is this the personality people wanted to watch fail?! Is this the type of character people really thought they could just run out of the NFL? Isn't this most people's approach towards life or in their everyday job?? Isn’t he just like me and you? Isn't he just a regular guy trying to take one more step up in a difficult life? Let's face it, if he fails in the NFL, life is going to get tougher. What if you lost your job or got fired from the one thing you've been working so hard at your entire life? Yeah, that would suck. So, why so many haters?

It boggles my mind...

I don't think I've ever looked up to anyone in my life. I don't think I've ever watched someone and said "I admire that person." This dude has inspired me. This guy has an entire state lit up! He's got people inspired in different countries! Tim Tebow represents perseverance. He represents fighting through the tough times. He represents that it is possible. Tim Tebow has reminded me to continue do good and to be a good person. He reminded me that good things happen to good people. He reminded me to stay close to GOD. He reminded me that if you want it bad enough, if you work hard enough, you can have anything you want. Shit, he reminded to go back to church. I may even go to confession after not being there in a full year. Lol.

I'm sure there were many to use this phrase before Tim Tebow did in a post game interview with Deion Sanders, Michael Irvin and Marshall Faulk, but this is what he said, "It's not about how many times you fall. It's how many times you get back up."

Tim Tebow's been taking a beating in the media since he's gotten to the NFL and he's been getting back up. As kindly as possible, he's been punching people in the mouth and telling them to shut up. I wonder what Tim Tebow would say if he used cuss words. That would be funny. Kinda. Not really. He probably wouldn't like that I said that. Thank you Tim Tebow for being you.



Derrick Kosinski

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  1. Tebow will eventually get figured out the fact that he's got a less then 50% pass completion says a lot. Once teams force him to throw well then the honeymoon is over. He's not good nor horrible. The fact that he gets talked more about then actual superstars what really pisses me off. I'm sick of wathing two hour specials every day on the fucking guy.

  2. Tebow sucks.And so does Jesus. Get over it.

  3. He should have a youth paster rather than NFL quarter back. All of you tebow followers it is not a personality contest it is a football game and he can't complete a damn pass. He threw 8 times in an entire game, what a joke!!

  4. I have lots of respect for you Derrick. I thought you were a very objective person. I don't hate the guy I just see his numbers. His QBR is the bottom of the list week after week. You can't continue to win 2 completions more than a game it is sustainable. Stop calling people haters when they are just honest observers. To me Tebow phenomena is just like Sara Palin's, which is obsession without objectivity.

  5. Do you know your podcast it ULTIMATE CHALENGE RADIO not all this other crap you'vve been posting. I demand a challenge/Real world podcast or I am boycotting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks love you, who ever won those awards anyway?

  6. I'm pretty sure there hasnt been a podcast for awhile because they're filming the next challenge right now. Maybe Derrick is on it, or maybe he wants to wait for like Johnny or Kenny to come back from it. Idk if they're on it either, but they could be.


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