MTV The Challenge "BOTS" FINALE Podcast | Derrick Kosinski w/ Kenny Santucci & Mark Long

December 28, 2012
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Hosted By: Derrick Kosinski
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A Safe and Happy Holiday season to you all. We end the 2012 podcast season with a recap of the MTV Challenge: Battle of the Seasons. Who better to close out the year and Challenge than two MTV Reality Legends in Kenny 'Claus' Santucci and Mark 'Heat Miser' Long. Boom! That's How We Do it!

MTV Challenge BOTS Podcast Derrick Kenny Mark

Ultimate Challenge Radio, Derrick Kosinski Podcast
Derrick Kosinski Podcast
  "w/Kenny & Mark 

-Background Check on
-Kenny's Thoughts on BOTS
-The Effects of the Weakest Link
-Tainting the Challenge
-Competition's in Last Place
-Rating the FINALE
-M.V.P. goes to...Sam?!
-The Elimination Rounds this Season
-New Face of The Challenge
-Bringing in the Heavyweights
-Comebacks vs. Regulars
-Old News vs. Current Headlines
-Challenge All-Stars
-Getting the Fans Involved
-J.E.K. Dynasty vs. The World
-Final Thoughts on "The Battle"

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  1. I love these guys! I am so mad that Frank is most likely going to be back (for the simple fact everyone hates him) Ugh!

  2. Great to hear from these guys. Was hoping that they'd lay into Frank a bit more but hopefully D is just saving that for his next podcast with Bananas.

  3. I think the next challenge is going to be Duel 3.

  4. I love how this people swear JKE brings the ratings. The ratings where bad from The ruins to Cutthroat. Then CT came back and they went up. Ct wasn't on this season and they went down again.

    1. Duel 2 and Ruins had really good ratings. It wasn't until after Wes left the ruins, when the ratings began to suck. And Cutthroat and FM2 had better ratings than this season. Especially Cutthroat.

  5. I think Kenny said it best when he said no one wants to see Nick Brown vs Big Easy. I watch this cause I remember back in the day seeing duels like, Abram vs the Miz, CT vs Johnny, Brad vs Landon, Derrick vs Syrus. Not JD and Devon vs Big Easy and Camilla.

  6. If Kenny is right and MTV hates the challenge, why not create a new type of challenge of MTV stars. Pick a group of 4 stars of RR, 4 or RW, 4 of the Challenge, 4 from Jersey Shore, 4 from the hills, etc. and let the battle of the MTV stars happen

  7. Kenny is afraid to talk about Alton, Landon, Darrell or Leroy. Because he knows that they are the real competition, game over,

  8. Jesus Kenny, put a little effort if you're calling in. Make some good radio buddy.

  9. I think I speak for almost everyone when I say this podcast needs more Johnny Bananas.

    I really do hope MTV listens to some of Mark and Tim's ideas. I started watching these challenges when I was 12 or 13. I am 27 and I have seen every episode of every challenge. This garbage shaped who I am today. The least they can do is bring back more vets for the people who grew up watching it. The only good episode was the Insane Games. They should take note.

    1. Cosigned! Bring back Bananas!

    2. Johnny... no thanks.

  10. Give me some bananas! I want a podcast that is truly honest. Even if he didn't watch the season he will have some remarks to make about the cast.

  11. I always love hearing from TIM. Now that's a guy who isn't afraid to say he is a fan of the show. Most vets always say they don't watch the show but give full details on episodes. Let's bring in Evan too I know for sure he had to watch the episodes.

  12. Only listened to half of this podcast...Hate that I'm starting to pity Kenny but I am.

    Seems like the producers are building a new crop of players and phasing out the older guys.

    The drama element of this show really separates who the producers bring in. Which is why guys like Wes and Frank are going to keep coming back, while better competitors fall by the wayside.

    Ultimately, more ppl are watching for the drama than the competition and it's become apparent based on who the producers select on the show.

  13. I hope D has another whats eating bananas podcast soon there too funny !

  14. Same there really funny ! he needs to get Vinny and Dan on again as well !

  15. need to get adam king back on

  16. When can we get another podcast its nealy been 2 months !

  17. i's so obvious that there going to do another Gauntlet (rookies vs vets)


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