MTV The Challenge "Battle of the Seasons Podcast | Derrick Kosinski w/ Ashley & Derek

December 3, 2012
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Hosted By: Derrick Kosinski
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ASHLEY and the Other Differently Spelled DEREK join Derrick Kosinski on the podcast today to talk all things 'Battle of the Seasons' with the finale just ahead.

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MTV The Challenge Battle of the Seasons Podcast Derrick Kosinski

Ultimate Challenge Radio, Derrick Kosinski Podcast
Derrick Kosinski Podcast

-40 Hours of Traveling: From Turkey to Africa
-How "Can Diego" became a Super Power
-Derek and Ashley's Toughest Challenges this Season
-Keeping San Diego Together
-The Beef with Dustin and Alton
-Low Blows
-How Certain Moves Changed the Game
-Swimming vs. Swimming on The Challenge
-Ashley's 4 Wheeler Accident
-PODCAST EXCLUSIVE: The Match that Lit the Fire
-The Flipside to Frank's Choice of Words
-Derek vs. Robb
-Introduction to The Final: Planes and Puking
-Reunion Teaser

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All guests of todays podcast receive a gift card compliments GNC.
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  1. if alton or dustin fights, they are crazy. if frank fights, he is smart or a little emotional. this two are boring as hellllll

  2. great podcast, really interesting to hear some of the behind the scenes stuff, especially with the travel between Turkey and Namibia, also interesting to hear a different perspective on Frank from what we normally see on TV

  3. Ashley is friends with Frank and Derek was hooking up with Frank all season so of course they are going to stand up for Frank. He's been acting crazy since his first episode on the real world and he has shown that he hasn't changed since his first episode of this challenge. Every major fight has involved him and there's always an excuse to why it really isn't his fault.

    I still love your podcast. Hope you have at least one more after the season is wrapped up. I would like to hear from Dustin to hear his side of things since I haven't heard anyone interview him yet. Also, anyone from team Brooklyn would be great...expect for maybe JD. He seems a little boring, but I could be wrong.

  4. great podcast!! love ashley

  5. Frank - just because he's smart does not mean it's an excuse to molest all less intelligent than him! That is not excuse Ashley!
    I just wonder did Nany said those things before or after Frank said the things about her sister. because what I've heard after the big fight we saw on TV she went to make herself a dinner and Frank again came to disturb her...I would flip out too. You cant insult me in every way you can't but if somone talked bad about my sister the hell would break loose I'm sure she felt the same!

    1. Nany @ The reunion:
      1. "things were said on both sides"
      2. "I started the fight."
      = it doesn't matter who said what 1st.

  6. Correction:
    You can insult me in every way you can but if somone talked bad about my sister the hell would break loose I'm sure she felt the same!

  7. Tired of hearing from the Frank alliance. Very few people were rooting for them to win. Just look at any online poll including the one on

  8. Only listened to half of this podcast...Hate that I'm starting to pity Kenny but I am.

    Seems like the producers are building a new crop of players and phasing out the older guys.

    The drama element of this show really separates who the producers bring in. Which is why guys like Wes and Frank are going to keep coming back, while better competitors fall by the wayside.

    Ultimately, more ppl are watching for the drama than the competition and it's become apparent based on who the producers select on the show.


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