"Zach and Ashley Break Down all the Drama Surrounding Real World:San Diego

December 9, 2011
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That's right!! Zach and Ashley from Real World:San Diego join Derrick Kosinski and Real World Legend Ruthie Alcaide straight from their hotel rooms the night before the Real World:San Diego Reunion Show! And according to Zach, there might be an octagon sitting in the middle of the old school TRL studio when he gets there.

This podcast stays entertaining all the way thru just as every podcast on Ultimate Challenge Radio does. Since Chet decided to ask Zach if he was in love on the after show, I decided to return the favor and asked Ashley the same. She follows her answer up with her thoughts on potentially performing on a Challenge. Zach finishes up the podcast his Challenge Knowledge as he tells UCR about the days he used to sneak in the basement to watch the competitive reality show. On top of that, we get to hear his thoughts on facing powerhouse C.T. on a future Challenge. Hear what he has to say. It definitely gets the Challenge Juices flowing. Ruthie does one heck of a job co-hosting and clears up all of the drama that took place early in the season. Sit back, relax, and enjoy. This is another good one!!

As Always, Team Ultimate Challenge Radio

MTV Real World San Diego Derrick Podcast Zach, Ashley, Ruthie

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  • Homophobic or Hetero phobic
  • Ruthie tells UCR how the Gay Community views Zashley 
  • Zach and Ashley's Blossoming Love Life 
  • Is Ashley in Love??? 
  • Zach's Most Memorable Challenge Moments 
  • Zach vs. C.T. 
  • Zach's Potential Challenge Alliance 
  • Real World:San Diego Reunion Pre-Show

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  1. It only goes for 30 minutes instead of the 71 it is showing.

  2. Zach is cool and should do really well on challenges. I think if he should fear anyone it would be Landon.

  3. Ct is the only one he should fear..nice to know he knows of Ct's power and strength...would like to see them team up!

  4. I love Zach and Ashley

  5. Amanda Jordan (age 16)December 13, 2011 at 10:56 PM

    I don't mean to give an essay here, but i feel like this needs to be stated. I think Zach was right in standing his ground on his opinion, which, knowing he goes to church, is probably backed up by religion and the teachings of the bible. I find that COMPLETELY respectable, because he didn’t hate on gays or bash them and call them names. In fact, he kept his opinions mostly to himself unless he was asked. I love how he respects Ashley enough not to have sex with her and he respects his parents by listening to them. Zach has honestly given me hope that there are respectable men out there in the world. I mean that with the utmost sincerity because i was seriously hopeless in how men behave now-a-days. I may be young, as a junior in high school, but I’ve seen the way boys in high school behave and the way both young and grown men behave, and let me tell you, there’s hardly any difference. A lot of guys out there are completely disrespectful to not only women, but people in general, and have no sense of moral value or willpower. Personally I find traits like that repulsive and immature. I fell in love with the way Zach treated Ashley. There needs to be more gentlemen like Zach out there who respect and value women and don’t just use them for a good time. After all, that girl is someone’s daughter or sister. :) I think his parents ought to be very proud.

  6. Zach and Ashley are the worst people that have ever been on a season of the Real World. I would pay someone a million dollars to punch Ashley in the face. She is a lying biatch. I can't stand the little witchy faces she makes and she is weak. A crazy chick the kind who can't live without and guy and when they find one they leach on them. Zach is lazy and ignorant and he is not HOT at all, someone needs to tell him he is far from gods gift. YUCK

  7. Derrick awesome podcast as always. But I can't stand Zach and Ashley. They are so boring on the show. Ashley follows Zach like a lost school girl tring to find a teacher. And I thought without Frank and his freak outs this show might have gotten canceled. The boyfriends of the cast were more entertaining than the actual cast. I'm along time fan of the RW,RR and challenges. But this season sucks!!! The only good thing I could see coming from this is watching Zach getting his ass handed to him by Tyler or CT in a duel or gulage (elmination round). I wouldnt mind Tyler doing it because of the whole gay thing!! AHHAHA!! Anyways Great Job!!!

  8. I originally listened to this podcast and laughed because I learned more about them here then on the show. They honestly didn't seem as fake, until I heard another interview with Frank & Alex on Afterbuzz tv, and realized that "Zashley" are just great actors. On Afterbuzz,They mentioned that both of them were fake, and admitted to only going on the show to get on the challenge which is ridiculous, and evident in this podcast (with Zach talking so much about the challenge) Alex seems to be the realest person on the show to hear her say that they were very fake makes me believe it. They even raise some good points about Ashley who was open to having a Gay friend was wild in the beginning then suddenly became highly conservative. Zach is extremely closed minded if he wasn't, he would be willing to at least TRY new things. The fact that they had a separate agenda than to actually enjoy the experience is what made this season awful, honestly, who would be still watching if Frank wasn't on the show? No one wants to see a couple go to the gym, do facials, eat, sleep, and repeat.

    Now that I'm done with that I'd like to say this was still a Great podcast, I love Ruthie! and it's great to have a challenge/Real World related podcast again, keep them coming. I'm a HUGE fan Derrick!

  9. I have been working 14 hour days for the last year plus, and have missed this season of the Real world, but I have to say a few words on this podcast. I took a second to watch a clip of the cast, and as an avid challenge fan going back to the very first, I can't think of a new guy I have been more excited about seeing on the show than Zach, except for perhaps the first fresh meat roster of guys. Dude is going to be a beast. Also what I don't get is the hate people are heaping on him for only doing Real World to get on the challenge... if there is something in life you want, what makes it wrong to use what means you have to do to get it? Perhaps the haters real agenda is dissing someone who went after their goals just because they didn't go after their own. Nobody said a word about Sarah when she made it into the Challenge and she outwardly admitted doing RW just to get there. If I was 10 years younger and still in good shape hell yeah I'd do what I could to get on the challenge! Freaking hanging from Heli's and jumping off cliffs for swag and cash? Beats office life! Thanks for another great show D.

  10. Wow I actually learned a little about them in this podcast. I respect Zack's religious views because I'm a Christian but he doesn't get respect for almost getting violent with Sam. Even though she dresses like a boy she is still a girl who is much more smaller than him. And the "beat the gay out of you" comment wasn't said in a playful tone it was meant to be hurtful. On the afterbuzz 3 of the roommates call you guys fake, they've even accused Zach of being gay. I don't believe Zach is gay but I do believe both Zach and Ashley were putting up a front like they're some religious angels, they never even went to church on the show. In all thanks for the entertainment and good luck on getting on the challenge Zach should make a great contender. Oh and frank lied about you guys mostly talking about him.

  11. All you Ashley and Zach haters are LOSERS!!!! ARe you serious you like Frank?!??!? He was such a dumbass he should have got kicked off the show!! I didnt think it was fair he got to stay when last season of real world ADAM WHO WAS AWSOME GOT KICKED OFF LAST SEASON!!!
    I think it would have been a WHOLE different show if they kicked him off!!
    I would have NEVER hung out with Frank either if i was on the show!! And not because hes GAY but because hes a loser that thinks that everyone should like him, or if you dont you hate gay ppl....new flash frank YOU SUCK!!! BECAUSE YOUR YOU!!!

  12. Some people don't like Zach, Ashley, or Frank. Frank was an asshole and Zach and Ashley came off as really boring.


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