Welcome to Derrick Kosinski's "Ultimate Challenge Radio" Podcast and Web Site.

The podcast interviews some the most entertaining and explosive personalities MTV has to offer. Not only do these people have on screen attraction capabilities, but also they can tell one heck of a story. The reason why these people have been chosen to entertain millions of viewers across the world is because of their intricate, inspiring, and compelling life stories. Derrick picks up those stories where MTV drops them off and continues to give the audience what they want, which is MORE from the people they have grown to love and somewhat become addicted to, season after season. Ultimate Challenge Radio uses the incredible, physically demanding, and emotional challenges endured by these competitors as a platform. We take what they have displayed on their television experiences and catapult their strong opinions into current genres of life, sports, and entertainment.

Our goal is to help spread positivity in this world with people who have gone through extreme life situations and overcome obstacles. If you have a motivational story, feel free to contact us. We'll do our best to document it.

Derrick Kosinski MTV The Challenge, Podcast, Ultimate Challenge Radio
Commonly known as Derrick from MTV's Real World/Road Rules Challenge shows Derrick Kosinski has appeared on 9 seasons of MTV'S 'The Challenge'. He also hosts his own podcast here on his web site breaking down episode's of The Challenge and the Real World welcoming guests from the shows and anybody and everybody from the MTV reality family.