"Battle of the Exes: Power Rankings" w/ Derrick, Zach & Ashley

February, 28 2012
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Ever wonder how Zach and Ashley from Real World:Back to San Diego would have done on MTV's Challenge: Battle of the Exes??? I mean, weren't you expecting to see these 2 competing for a Challenge Championship already ?? After all, they were crowned as the brand new "Real World Couple." It would only make sense right?? Despite the fact that this show is called "Exes," there have been a few couples that merely shared a kiss and a few that had still been together. Instead of Zach and Ashley representing Real World:San Diego, Nate and Priscilla were chosen and eliminated first without a fight and nearly zero drama. From the looks of things, Zach and Ashley might still be battling it out had the roles been reserved,with a little bit of extra spice to add to the show. Although,these 2 are not on the current season, Derrick sat down with them to discuss how they feel they would have done against these teams. Sit back,relax,and be prepared for a few bombs dropped on a couple cast members. Haha!! You'll see!!
Sit back, relax and enjoy the stories that you can't hear anywhere else.


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Derrick Kosinski Podcast MTV Battle of the Exes with Zach and Ashley

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  1. Pretty boring podcast considering Ashley looks like she will compete like Cassy and Zach thinks he is CT. All im saying is you still not even casted for any shows yet.

    1. Totally agree. These two have nvr been there and probably never will be so they cant say anything about anyone else.

    2. Were you on a show? If not then you shouldn't be able to say anything either.

    3. Oh yeah i forgot you were on one thats why you can :)

    4. I couldnt stand those two on the RR. Zach is a metro and ahsley is athletic as a 90 yr old woman

    5. My point is that they are fans of the show just like us, so they have a right to an opinion as well.

  2. Here's the deal with Zach and Ashley.

    On paper, Zach looks like he would be a good competitor but if this challenge has proven anything over the years, adaptability to different personalities and different dynamics plays a pivotal role, and that is going to be his fatal flaw.

    Meanwhile, Ashley seems like too much of a girly girl.

    Ultimately, the people that do best on these challenges are the ones who don't walk like their crap don't stink, they are physically in shape, and they keep a good balance of focusing on the game and having a good time with as minimal drama surrounding them as possible.

    Period. End of discussion.

    I'd love to see Priscilla and Mike from Las Vegas hook up.

  3. Considering that this was pre-recorded, I think was pretty accurate with most of what he was saying.

  4. This was alright, i just would prefer to hear from people who are actually on this show. Especially after last weeks episode, Abram, Ty, Emily, Paula, Camila... all would have been better.

  5. I remember seeing this podcast back then, but never bothered to listen to it. Is this just a repost since we're at the halfway mark? I like how most of the things that they talked about ended up being true, or at least up to this point.

  6. I don't really care about their opinion but he was pretty on point about a few of them. The one he missed on (and these were done pre-challenge correct?) was Mark. Mark is Megatron. He's been a top 3 guy there this season. He screwed up on the Hook thing and on the Rollin In the Deep he made the strategic decision to try to accommodate his partner and it didn't work. I think if you had each guy run a final alone Mark would probably only lose to CT and maybe Johnny.

    You can tell Zach is an anti-JEK fan based on his comments about Johnny. Johnny doesn't lie or cheat...if anything he's bluntly honest about the stuff he's going to do. That's what makes him an asshole/douche/whatever and people like to say he's a liar or cheater which he isn't (aside from on his girlfriend clearly). I think he also said on a previous one that he can't wait to beat on the kids who think they run it, which I take to mean JEK and Wes. Make that target on your back a little bigger buddy.

  7. there rankings doesn't impress me cause i could of told everyone that its not that hard to see with team would suck. And i only got half way through it and stopped because of how boring it was

  8. Yay the old theme is back!

  9. Why is this podcast just coming out now? This seems to have been done before the season and the season's half over...

    1. Derrick basically had it on reserve. I think he said he had to be away for work this past week and couldn't record a new one, but he had this one archived to release this week because he knew that he would be gone and wanted to put something out.

  10. CT is fucking sexy. The things I would do to him.

  11. At least zach was real about diem as a competitor she is not that great ppl said that she is rank as one of the strongest females competitor in the challenges but I never understand why and now watching this challenge its clear that she isnt that great.

  12. Derrick cheated in the dunk contest. Pause at 3:23 mark and you will notice that he is parallel to the bench, otherwise his knee would have gone thru the bench. cheating

  13. Just recently found the podcast and am loving it. Way to fill in the blanks. I've been watching the challenges for years and love 'em. The honey challenge, instant classic.

    I do wish though when you do the rundowns of teams you'd give heights and weights of the ladies. The competitor in me is trying to size 'em up to see if I could take 'em!

    Anyway, keep doing what you're doing and we'll keep listening.

  14. On the poll, is it if Zach and Ashley replaced Nate and Priscilla or if they were there with the other 13 teams? If they replaced Nate and Priscilla I think they get last because they get thrown in and I never give rookies respect until they prove themselves. If they were with Nate and Priscilla they would come in 2nd to last because Nate and Priscilla had a historically bad performance. It was like Casey Cooper paired with Nick Brown bad.

  15. Are Zach and Ashley even still dating?

  16. I did not even listen to the podcast. If you are going to talk about a challenge at least have participated in a challenge within the last five years otherwise I could careless about your opinions. I think Ashley and Zach would have came in the top 3 spots, but it is still just speculation. Too bad they did not get the chance to prove it. Nate and Priscilla had no shot at winning the challenge which was a wasted spot.

  17. ashley is really dumb. she comments on every single team and says the same thing..."ummm i dont think theyll do great but you never know" atleast zach is honest. but they are both whack. i like derrick but hes needs to get to the point more. its so dragged out.

  18. Zach get over yourself. It's easy for him to brag because he is three times the size of the guys. Just like Laurel and Emily are massive compared to the girls. I give more props to the people who are on the small side but can still hold their own. He would probably come in last if there was a challenge based off intelligence. I disliked Frank on RW, but I see where he's coming from. Zach seems like such an uptight,condescending,pea-brained jock.

  19. It's hard to take this podcast seriously when neither of them have even been in a challenge atmosphere. These challenges are based upon politics almost as much as they're based upon skill, so even if Zach and his shadow Ashley are athletic the fact that a very small percent of the alumni seem to like them is going to be a huge factor into their success in an actual challenge.

    Also, as for Zach commenting on people's strategies, I'd rather see rookies try and come together and do something rather then continue to kiss ass and hope to be thrown a bone like Zach was implying he would do.

  20. lets see if zach can back up all his shit talking

  21. This podcast was the biggest snooze fest. Zach and Ashley do not make for good podcasts (or TV for that matter). First of all, they hardly have any one liners or zingers up their sleeves (Ashley especially. Don't get me wrong, she seems like a lovely girl, but man is she vanilla). Second of all, THEY'VE never been on a Challenge! Don't talk the talk until you've walked the walk!
    IMO, your podcasts are much better when you have dynamic ppl on the airwaves like Johnny, Evan, Mark etc etc. Those guys are straight shooters, funny, and know what they're talking about (b/c they'e actually been on a Challenge!). There's a reason Zach and Ashley weren't invited to participate in the Battle of the Exes and it's not b/c they're still dating and therefore aren't "exes". It's because THEY'RE BORING.

  22. For all the comments about them sucking...I believe they just won a challenge =-)


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