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September 14, 2012
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"Battle of the Seasons" Power Rankings/Preview

Welcome to 23rd installment of MTV's hit competitive reality series "The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons." Since MTV decided against showing you guys a pre-show of sorts, Me, Evan, and Susie took it upon ourselves to make it happen. As you guys may already know, Susie has been around since Road Rules season 6 and then literally put that show to rest with MTV's final attempt to keep it alive on Road Rules:Viewer's Revenge. On top of that,she has never been defeated in an elimination round along with 3 challenge victories. Looks may be deceiving, but numbers don't lie. My other expert is non other then Evan Starkman who should quite possibly be nominated for a Moon Man for the personality he continues bring to the podcast every single time. His analysis is great and will always be mentioned amongst the elite competitors to ever play the game. As always, sit back, relax, and laugh a little. This podcast is insightful for the competition and fresh faces you're about to encounter and equally as funny. Feel free to spread the word my friends. Retweets on Twitter are always appreciated.

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Evan, Johnny, Susie, Kenny, Derrick

Ultimate Challenge Radio, Derrick Kosinski Podcast
Derrick Kosinski Podcast
  "Battle of the Seasons" Preview 
-Alton's Return
-Trishelle's Comeback
-The Story Behind the Speedo
-Doin What Dustin Do
-Rules and T.V. Regulations
-Danny's Hat and Melinda
-Johanna's Replacement
-The Same Wes??
-TEAMS Key West,Road Rules,and Fresh Meat
-Reacquainted with Knight and Jemmye
-Preston's Improbabilities
-McKenzie's Most Memorable Moment
-Expectations for Sarah
-Devyn's Wigs
-J.D.'s Training
-Thoughts on Team St.Thomas

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Watch The "MTV The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons" Trailer Below
They started out as strangers, but now they're bonded for life.

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  1. Thank god their is no evan, Cancun had better ratings than Fresh meat,Fresh Meat 2, Dc, san diego 2, St.thomas. So a lot of people knows who CJ/Jonna are. Also they know who is jasmine.

    I am glad for a new cast, the old cast is too old already.

  2. Real world New orleans got good rating it hit the 2.0 millions viewer. Mckenzie is a drunk crazy mess.

  3. If you include RW: KW and Spring Break Challenge, Paula did 11 out of 12. Not 11 in a row

  4. It's funny how Evan is criticizing this season because of so much unknown Rookies, but if I remember correctly wasn't he and a bunch of other RW/RR rejects a bunch of Rookie nobodies on Fresh Meat back in 2006? At least these twenty-eight cast members deserve to be on BOTS2 since they were actually on the Real World. I for one like the introduction of so many Rooks because it's time the Challenges start looking towards the future instead of the same old Vets every single season *Cough* Kenny, Johnny, Paula *Cough*

  5. BTW Great Pod "Diesel." Even though Evan was being a little mean to the Rooks, he was still funny as hell and great hearing from Susie again. Hopefully you do a Pod for every episode and us Challenge fans will appreciate if the likes of Alton, Zach, CJ, Trey, Dustin, Robb, Ashley, and Trishelle make an appearance

  6. As someone who watches the show, I'll explain (from my personal viewpoint) why I'm so excited for this new cast. Simply, a lot of us are getting tired of some of these veterans. And it seems like the veterans just go to the show like it's a job, dominate every challenge, and get paid. But in between them dominating every challenge, it's actually the rookies and new people who are bringing up the drama. Seriously, almost every drama-related incident is related to a new person. That's why this season's trailer have been so packed with drama to the point that the first episode will actually be 90 minutes.

    Some of you said that these rookies are irrelevant, but actually, a lot of people consider many of the vets irrelevant (not all). It's a new generation, and most of the viewers don't even know what Road Rules is. I know a lot of people still love Johnny, Evan, Kenny, etc. but a lot of people also feel that they're stale and bring the same thing to every challenge. These new people are exciting, interesting and fun to watch. And now, we don't know who will piledrive the competition.

    I know that was long, but I just wanted to get my opinions out.

    1. Oh, and everyone was new at one point. This season will build the new "mob" and new "champions" that will be important for this generation of The Challenge.

    2. that's because there all in there early to mid 30's there to old to be acting crazy and partying everyday like they use to

    3. Great points all around, Avenger.

  7. Evan's an idiot! He was a fresh meat newbie at one point. He wasn't even on a season of Real World or Road Rules. I'm so excited for this season and am GLAD there are so many newbies. If we're talking about REAL vets, that's not Evan or Kenny...They're Veronica, Theo V, Coral, Tina, Derrick (of course)...etc.

    1. I agree. I like Evan, but like Derrick say I don't wanna see Evan and the usual company on every single challenge, using each other to win every single damn time. I'm glad they are finally doing a massive shake up. After all, these "newbies" are new to the Challenges, but we still know who they are through their RW seasons. They are not complete unknowns. I think the format is a great way to bring fresh faces into the Challenges. Evan did sound a little bit too entitled as someone the public cares for. Um, Evan, you are not all that (but you're still funny).

      Theo V! I wish we got to see Theo V again.


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