"Real World:San Diego FINALE and The S#%& You Should Have Heard. Sam breaks it down."

December 20, 2011
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Real World:Back to San Diego is over!!!

For those of you that don't know...this was the 2nd time Real World has done damage in San Diego. The 1st group,if you don't remember, included Brad, Robin, Cameron, Randy, Jaime, Jacquese, and Frankie,which in my book was one of the most entertaining season's ever with Brad leading the charge. Brad gave us many years on the Challenges,got married, finally won one,then retired. Randy is most remembered by dressing up as Luigi for Halloween and carrying on a long romantic relationship with Kina from my season of Road Rules. They are not together anymore. I got the chance to hang out with Frankie only one time at the VMA's back when both of our seasons ended and I'm happy to say we went on an adventure during the awards show and both almost got kicked out, i think she actually did. Nonetheless, it was a very fun time for both of us and unfortunately she passed away a few years ago due to an ongoing illness. R.I.P Frankie. Robin has,of course,been on and off Challenges over the years,has a handsome 3 year old little boy, and may actually be popping on your T.V. screens fairly soon. And, Jaime Chung is a movie star.

The 26th season is in the bag. Another group of young adults have gotten the an amazing opportunity to live it up on national television. Only time will tell if they will leave the legacy's the 1st Season of Real World:San Diego did. Nate has started something special with TheLivingMemoir.com, Frank has definitely set an impression as our brand new Real Worlder who contains nonstop action, Sam was our first "Stud" and she continues to bring the thunder on this podcast talking about Drag King's, 3-way kisses with Priscilla and her mom,the effects of being told that someone was potentially going to beat the gay out of her, Frank's therapist,and tons of juicy stories about her cast mates. Ruthie from Real World:Hawaii accompanies Derrick with another great co-hosting job. Sit back and enjoy.


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MTV Real World San Diego Derrick Podcast Sam, Ruthie

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  • Hangovers
  • 3 Way Kiss with Priscilla and her Mom
  • Sam as the 1st "Stud"
  • Where the "Drag King" began
  • "I'll beat the Gay out of you."-How serious was this??
  • "He's the Cowboy and I want to introduce him." Did it work??
  • The Beauty of Nate-"You give me hope."
  • Frank's Therapist
  • "I'm going to miss everyone." 

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Derrick Kosinski Podcast

  Real World:San Diego FINALE

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