"Stitcher Radio" Partenrship

We are proud to announce a new affiliation with Stitcher Radio which is available on your smartphone and desktop. You can hear The Derrick Kosinski Podcast while on the go with Stitcher SmartRadio

Stitcher is a free news and talk mobile app available for your smart phone. And when you download Stitcher to hear Derrick Kosinski Podcast, you’ll receive a chance to win some money!

Stitcher Radio Derrick Kosinski MTV podcast

Downloading is quick and easy… 
    1. Smartphone
    2. Find "Stitcher" in the app store Download it (it’s free & just takes a few seconds)
    3. Free Login with Facebook or Register for Free,
    4. Search "Derrick Kosinski Podcast"
    5. Boom, Done

The latest episode of the show will be waiting for you. You’ll get access to lots of other amazing shows too- always available to you on demand-no syncing. It’s Stitcher SmartRadio Don’t forget to enter MTV at registration. 

Check them out and download the app using our promo code which enters you a chance to win a$100 cash card.  

The Derrick Kosinski Podcast on Stitcher Radio Go to: http://stitcher.com/mtv  
Your promo code: MTV (not case sensitive)

OR On Your Smart Phone: Hit the App store Download Stitcher –FREE and Easy Once it’s downloaded to your phone Enter promo code MTV at registration (quick & easy) for a chance to win prize $100 worth cash card will be randomly selected each month

Start enjoying the show! Search “mtv, or derrick or DK’

Easy, Free, No syncing, On demand & On the Go, Saves memory on your phone, new episodes are always waiting for you.

You can hear The Derrick Kosinski Podcast while on the go with Stitcher SmartRadio?

 Additional Info: 

• You get one chance to win- but a lifetime of amazing shows to hear whenever you want- so you still win!
• Awarded a “Best App Ever” award
• Stitcher is available in the Ford Sync system and GM’s MyLink
• Other awards include 2009 Webby, PC Magazine 2009 Best Free Apps,
• Listen to us on your iPhone, Android Phone, BlackBerry and Pre
• Stitcher Smart Radio for Your phone. Go to Stitcher.com to download it FREE today.
• Got Stitcher? We’re on it! So get it!
• Stitcher is a award-winning provider of news and talk radio for your mobile phone, Stitcher smart radio for your smart phone

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  1. I don't think the "How you heard about stitcher" option is available when registering on your iphone/ipod. I just downloaded the app and registered and I didn't have that option, you may want to let them know.


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