Derrick Kosinski Podcast
"The Lost Tape" w/ Tim Koskuba

September 13, 2011
"Ultimate Challenge Radio" 
Hosted By - Derrick Kosinski w/Guest Tim Koskuba @KO_Skuba
Produced By - Frank Murgia @ talent network news 
"The Lost Podcast"

Derrick Kosinski Podcast Tim KoskubaIn this cast I am interviewed by Tim Koskuba @KO_Skuba, the same guy who interviewed Jonny "Bones" Jones 2 years ago and predicted Mr.Bones' UFC Light Heavy Weight Championship.                    

This podcast was recorded in March of 2011. I've been waiting for the right time to release it as Real World:Back to Las Vegas and The Challenge: Rivals had stolen the spotlight. This Interview couldn't come with more ironic magic. Just the other day, one of my challenge cast mates decided to personally tweet me and embellish about a dance we once had in The Duel.

In this interview, a question about Wes comes up and I, in return, finally express my true thoughts about this guy. At the same time, the same guy who has interviewed and predicted a future championship for Jonny "Bones" Jones interviews me and asks me the tough questions. Jon Jones will be defending his title for the 1st time vs. "Rampage" Jackson, 2 weeks from now.

This interview actually went on for about 2 hours and we lost audio after 58:58. This interview starts off a little slow as Tim Koskuba @KO_Skuba and I get a feel for each other.  Around 16 minutes we hear about how the podcast came about, how Kenny got involved, questions surrounding Wes, my favorite Challenge, the challenge and steroids, the challenge and marriage, my son and his potential thoughts. We soon get cut off by the ghost that tends to appear on the podcast at times. I guess the rest just wasn't meant to be at this point and time.

Another solid pod. Big thanks to "TKO" Tim KOskuba for making this possible. Hope everyone enjoys an inside look from my point of view.

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Derrick Kosinski on Twitter (@DerrickMTV)

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Derrick Kosinski Podcast Ultimate Challenge Radio Podcast

- Derrick and Tim get acquainted
- Evoultion of Ultimate Challenge Radio
- How Kenny got involved
- C.T.'s Interview
- Ruthie and Puck's Podcast
- Gauntlet 2: A Spiritual Journey
- Abe and Cutthroat
- Tyler and Timmy Eliminations
- Wes Breakdown
- The Challenge and Marriage
- The Challenge and Steroids
- My son's potential thoughts about his daddy
- The Ruins 
-Never Winning

Derrick Kosinski Podcast
  "The Lost Tape" (Rated PG-13 for Language)

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Thanks to Facebook friend Kimani Kya for the YouTube parody of Wes vs Derrick.

Tim has been watching the MTV Challenges since "The Inferno 2" in 2005. On top of being a Challenge-aholic & a part-time student, he also has hosted several MMA/UFC podcasts and blogged for websites such as "" and "".  He's interviewed such MMA fighters such as; UFC champion, Jon Jones, #1 lightweight contender, Gray Maynard, and top 10 fighters: Phil Davis and Ben Henderson. Currently, he hosts "Talking Tough" on every Monday night at 7 pm ET/4 pm PT.

TIM's Interview with UFC Light Heavy Weight Champion Jonny "Bones" Jones back in 2009 is below. Tim and his crew make an early prediction that Jon Jones will one day be champ. This is a very interesting listen as Jonny "Bones" had no idea where he would be in a few years. He was fired up and focused on Matt "The Hammer" Hamel. Now, he is defending his title for the 1st time vs. "Rampage" Jackson. Best wishes, a victory, and a safe bout go out to Jonny from Team Ultimate Challenge Radio.

Jon Jones Interview Part 1:
Jon Jones Interview Part 2:

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