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A Very 'Jersey Shore' Podcast w/Dan Walsh & Vinny Foti

September 19, 2011
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Hosted By - Derrick Kosinski w/Guest Vinny Foti and Dan Walsh
Produced By - Frank Murgia @ talent network news 
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"A Very Jersey Shore Podcast" starring The Most Sober Drunk Guy in America-Dan Walsh "The Danimal" and "The Boston Fist Pumping Machine"-Vinny Foti from "The Challenges"

Get ready to listen the funniest conversation with the 2 goofiest guys in MTV challenge history. The dynamic duo of "Sober Dan" Walsh and "Banana Hammock" Foti may have just taken the reigns from The J.E.K. Empire (Johnny,Evan,Kenny) as the most comedic couple to land on the podcast.

This podcast breaks down the newest episode of The Jersey Shore where Team Meatball goes on a romantic day drinking excursion which eventually ends up with Snooki crashing her vehicle into a police car in Italy, leaving the question: Will the Jersey Shore get kicked out of Italy?? With Vinny being an avid G.T.L. subscriber and Dan not caring for The Jersey Shore so much, except for the High School crush he had on the Amy "The After Hours" host, this podcast will be sure to erupt in laughter. On top of that, these 2 dish out plenty of Never-Heard-Before Challenge stories you won't wanna miss. Take a break from the ever day stress of life and listen to a bunch of bozo's be themselves. As always folks, sit back, relax, and laugh a little.

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Derrick Kosinski Podcast Ultimate Challenge Radio Podcast

-Jersey Shore breakdown 
-Dan vs. Vinny 
-The Star of the Show 
-Kenny's publicist 
-Team Meatball 
-Why you should watch Jersey Shore 
-Why you should not watch Jersey Shore
Derrick Kosinski Podcast
  "A Very Jersey Shore Podcast" (Rated PG-13 for Language)

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