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Attack the Year that was 2011 | Podcast

December 30, 2011
Derrick Kosinski's "Ultimate Challenge Radio" Powered by Talent Network
Hosted By: Derrick Kosinski w/Scott 'Shot of' Yager, and Guest Blair Herter
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"An Explosion of 2011 Yager-BOMBS!!"

This is PART 2 of an an enjoyable podcast with 2010's Funniest Young Comedian,Scott Yager and the G4 Network's coolest cat, Blair Herter. He's the guy feeding you all the important information you need coming from "Attack of the Show" and "X-Play." We had so much fun the first time,we had to do it twice. On this pod,we talk about everything from 2011's most shocking moments to literally kicking back and drinking beer with the most profound WWE wrestler of our generation "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, next to the Hulkster of course. But don't worry, Real World and Wrestling talk doesn't end there as we discuss who from The Real World Family had the bigger 2011. Was it Mike "The Miz" headlining Wrestlemania??? Was it Jaime Chung,originally from the 1st Real World:San Diego, recently starring in "The Hangover 2"?? Or was it Dave Giuntoli currently starring in NBC's "Grimm," formerly from Road Rules:South Pacific,the one right before mine? It's a really funny debate concluding in a really interesting winner. Hope you guys enjoy another podcast with Derrick, A Shot of Yager, and Blair Herter.

As always...sit back,relax,and laugh a little. Ha!

(View/Listen) Blair Herter ATTACKS ANOTHER SHOW!!!! | Podcast


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Ultimate Challenge Radio, Derrick Kosinski Podcast
Derrick Kosinski Podcast
    "Derrick, Scott Yager, Blair Herter 2011 Y-I-R Podcast" 

  • TRL vs. Attack of the Show
  • Bringing back "Singled Out!"
  • Walking and Talking Dead
  • Knocking back beers w/ "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
  • Top Stories/Yager-BOMBS of the 2011
  • Lindsay Lohan hitting Playboy Stands
  • Deaths of Bin Laden and Kim Jong Il
  • Casey Anthony Literally Getting Away With Murder
  • Huge Year For Real World/Road Rules Alum-Wrestlemania,Hangover 2,NBC's Grimm
  • UFC Taking Over The World

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