Mark Long & Darrell weight out retirement from MTV's 'The Challenge'

March, 27 2012
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"The Champs" are back in the buildin' my friends!!! After not hearing from Darrell since his abrupt early departure from Fresh Meat 2,he's back talking about who he might like to face off with on a future challenge!! But,wait,hold on...he doesn't know if he's retired yet. And from the sounds of things,it seems like Mark doesn't know if he's ready to kick the bucket either?!?! Don't worry,I'm confused too. But Mark's says,"Much will be revealed at The Battle of the Exes Reunion where a surprise host will once again magically appear quite possibly with a steel chair!!" Not trying to give too much away,but take a listen to the podcast as Darrell and Mark give away secret game strategy,mention their most memorable challenge moments,and entertain the idea of MTV possibly kicking The Challenge into high gear and turning it a sport much like the UFC did with their guys. As always,sit back,relax and enjoy another action packed episode on The Derrick Kosinski Podcast!!


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-Exes Reunion Teaser
-Facing Friends in an Elimination
-The Secret to Not Going into an Elimination
-Derrick convincing Mark and Darrell not to Retire
-Mark and Darrell's Most Memorable Challenge Moments
-MTV turning The Challenge into The UFC
-Animosity towards C.T.???
-The Final 4
-Getting "Out-Speeched" by Ty???
-"Nutella Face"
-Significance of Mark's Maroon Bandanna
-Challenge Madness
-Surveys,Surveys,Surveys Please
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  1. "Johnny and I put on a good show"... is there a hint of throwing it in there?

    1. No. Stop grasping for straws.

  2. Darrell!!! 4-time champ in the building!

  3. Goooshh...Both Mark and Derrick spoiled the winner of the Exes final.

    1. It is one of those things where you only notice it if you are paying attention for it. It is hard to not accidentally drop hints about who wins when you know who won when you have a conversation for an hour. Also if you already know who won you will notice the subtle hints a lot more than someone who doesn't know who won.

  4. Did Derrick say a 3 team challenge has never been done before? Ummmm Cut Throat had 3 times, he was on it.

    1. I think he means teams of 3.

  5. awesome that you managed to get darrell on here

  6. I love how Darell says if he ever comes back he doesnt plan to just sit there and look pretty he wants to battle against people like Kenny. Now thats a true champion!

  7. Loved the chemistry between Derrick and Darrell! Hopefully both can be back in the next Challenge.

  8. "The Challenge: Past, Present, Future." How fucking awesome would that be? Get 'er done.

  9. i hope darrell does come back if there is a duel 3


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