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July 31, 2012
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"The Storm is Brewing"

The cast on Real World: St.Thomas has been able to hold it together for the past few weeks. They've gotten to know each other, some of their fascinating stories have come afloat, but according to Marie and LaToya, the fun and games are over. The storm is here. On this podcast, we break down much of this mid season trailer and discuss the drama that's about to hit Hassell Island. If it wasn't a hassle then, it is now. We see pushing and shoving from Swift and LaToya. Robb is burning himself with cigarettes. Brandon expresses that he hasn't been as clean as people think and the major explosion will erupt once Laura finally meets Trey's "Girl Back Home." I can't wait!! It looks hilarious and awesome all at the same time,as sick as that may sound. Anyways,thanks for stopping by the podcast and hoping you guys enjoy the rest of the season. Hope everyone is doing well.

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MTV Real World St Thomas Derrick Kosinski Podcast

Ultimate Challenge Radio, Derrick Kosinski Podcast
Derrick Kosinski Podcast
  "LaToya & Marie" Podcast 

-Marie Blasting People
-Cast Members Acting Like Someone They're Not
-Don't Ruin My Buzz
-Getting Worked Up by The Fans
-Robb Burning Himself with Cigarettes
-The Past,Present,and Future of Robb and Marie
-The Awkward Party Dance
-"Cops Are Going to Get Involved"
-The Drama Storm is Near
-Swift vs. Pretty Ricky
-What Guys should and shouldn't do to Impress a Girl
-Creepy Girl
-Breaking Down Brandon
-Toya and Swift ready to Throw Down
-The Drowning and Race at Coral World
-Sore Losers
-Brandon's Questionable Comments
-Trey's Girl Back Home Coming to Visit and Wanting to Meet Laura

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