1st Ever "Unofficial" "MTV Challenge Awards" - 2011

October 17, 2011 
Posted, Produced and Presented by: 
Derrick Kosinski, Frank Murgia, @ChallengeFacts
Ultimate Challenge Radio, talent network 

The finalist have been narrowed down by you the fans. Thanks for voting in large numbers and we hope you take part in this final round which will award the 1st ever unofficial challenge awards based on the two 2011 MTV Challenge Series (Cutthroat & Rivals)

There are 24 categories. Everyone from this years challenges, "Rivals" and "Cutthroat" has a chance to win. Of course, the Hall of Fame category will include some of our most memorable challengers from the past. Final round voting takes place from October 17th to October 24th. Then a winners will finally be announced by video and podcast in early November.

Have fun, VOTE, tell your friends,ReTweet,and enjoy.


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  1. Biggest Douche bag
  2. Biggest Back Stabber
  3. Best Teammate
  4. Worst Teammate
  5. Best At Flying Under the Radar
  6. Dumb Luck Player of the Year
  7. Best Manipulator
  8. Most Likely to get punched in the Face by a Fan
  9. Person You would most like to have a beer with
  10. Smartest Player
  11. The Underdog Award
  12. Best Male Entertainment
  13. Best Female Entertainment
  14. Best Male Competitor
  15. Best Female Competitor
  16. Best Drunken Fiasco
  17. Best Moment
  18. Rookie of the Year
  19. Best Elimination Round
  20. Favorite Hook-Up
  21. Hall of Fame
  22. Fan Favorite
  23. Heart of a Lion
  24. MVP
Winners Announced in November.
Stay Tuned for More Details.


  1. Jenns a dumb bitch

  2. Agreed.
    I hate Jenn.
    Along with Paula.

  3. I can't believe Abram wasn't on this list more, or Brad. The hall of fame is the best category but its really difficult to just pick one. Timmy is who I had voted for originally but I think voters got it right with Mark Coral and The Miz. They all have great attributes. Mark the first All Star, and one of the great personalities of all time has done it all, lets hope hes on the next season. Coral overtook power from the great Beth and really had me watching because I despised her more than anyone. Yet theirs probably no girl I want to come back to the shows more than her now. The Miz was the main attraction on almost every show he was on, plus hes the most famous of the 3 today. In the end ya gotta go with the specimen Mark. He started it all with Eric Nies back in the day, one of the funniest and strongest competitors of all time.

  4. I agree it's hilarious to me that after one bad Final people basically forget Abram being easily one of the best competitors on every show he was on. He beat Kenny on the Island. And even when Derrick and Johnny teamed up on him he still got Johnny out once. If it wasn't for Abram Johnny would only have one Challenge win. He would have been sent home on the Island, Hence not being on the champions team for the Ruins.

  5. I dont get the underdog one, the only underdogs have been, Wes, Ev, Laurel and Cara. If underdog means everyone trying to get you out, but I guess FM1 and the island isnt included in this then it should be CT Brandon being in there is just random and I am surprised Jenn isnt in the person to be punched in the face category, and Kenny a good team mate? Yeah he was real nice at the end of rivals and was nice to Tina in the past.

  6. I used to LOVE Jenn but on recent challenges she has gotten bitchier and more annoying. Only reason why she makes it to the end is because of her loud ass mouth and no one wants to deal with that. She's not that good of a competitor to stay until the finals. But I wonder how she became good friends with Kenny, Johnny and them... from what I recall on the island, she pretty much hated them and didn't wanna hve anything to do with their alliance.

  7. kenny for fan fave
    evan for male entertainment
    derrick for heart of a lion
    johnny for person i'd like to have a beer with =)

    my fave boys! dont care what anyone saysss!

  8. Leroy should get the Dumb Luck award.

    Ty probably already got punched in the face by a fan.

    Johnny=douche ;)

    Emily was the only impressive rookie this year!

  9. Cara Maria is my absolute favorite she had almost the entire house against her on Rivals and she still made it to the end. Evan is by far the funniest, he is entertaining with out being a compete jerk like some of the other guys. Wes is a complete douche bag but then again so is Jenn.
    I really hope Jenn wins for biggest back stabber. I mean really did you see the reunion. She threw Adam under the bus and never looked back.

  10. Yay Laurel's up for punched by a fan. I would love to do the punching! Weird how many times Dunbar is on their. Johnny's gotten less entertaining since the Island.

  11. Jonna... Enough said.

  12. lol, Derrick is a choice in almost all the categories. Don't get me wrong, I love Derrick, but smartest player? Cmon.....

  13. ^Yeah no offense but seriously, if this is based on only cutthroat/Rivals then how is he the underdog? He's been with JEK since the island.

  14. None of them are smart. Adam's the only one with a brain but he has no common sense. Mike Mike's not smart, he just pretends to be.

  15. ^I think Kenny is the smartest. I mean come on did you watch Fresh Meat 2? He took apart Wes/Ev's alliance one by one! Though he didn't win the final(which he should have), that was one of his best challenges yet.

  16. Kenny didn't play smart in FM2. He took apart Wes and Evelyn's alliance not because of his smarts but because of his partner being better than their partners. If Wes had Laurel and Kenny had Mandi, Wes would have made it to the end without having to see an elimination round.

  17. Kenny went into FM2 with none of his friends for once. Wes had majority of the house in his alliance. Kenny isn't stupid to just make alliances with anyone. He pretty much didnt have anyone besides laurel, pete, and jill.

    Having a strong partner will of course benefit you, but knowing how to play the game correctly will most likely keep you to the end. If Wes had Laurel, they would have been strong of course, but I doubt they would have made it to end because Wes is a douche bag and manipulator plus did u see his elimination with ev and luke? wes/mandi could have beat them but wes gave up. & he screwed over his own alliance. Kenny obviously knows how to play the game because he's made it to almost every final challenge.

  18. 1. Wes
    16. Brad punching D.
    17. Laurel defending Cara Maria
    19. CT & Adam vs Johhny & Tyler
    20.Tori and Brad
    22.Kelly Anne
    23.Kelly Anne

  19. Here is my list-i chose a male and female for each category and this also includes some players from the most recent season.

    1. Frank S/Laurel
    2. Johnny/Susie
    3. Tyler/Cara Maria
    4. Tyrie/Shauvon
    5. Dunbar/Brittini
    6. Dunbar/Paula
    7. Wes/Evelyn
    8. Frank S/Laurel
    9. CJ/Jasmine
    10. Landon/Sarah
    11. Brandon/Sarah
    12. KENNY
    13. ANEESA
    14. CT
    15. Rachel R
    16. Brad's wedgie given by the Miz
    17. CT/Adam vs Johnny/Tyler elimination round
    18. Dustin/Emily
    19. Brad vs Abram (Inferno 2)
    20. CT & Diem (Duel)
    21. Landon/Coral
    22. CT/Cara Maria
    23. Derrick/Cara Maria]
    24. Alton/Evelyn


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