Jersey Shore's Deena Takes On The MTV Challenge Boys: Teases Season 5 of Jersey Shore, her Casting and Lady GaGa VMA story.

October 26th, 2011
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Welcome BACK to another unorthodox podcast interview at a site that is most definitely taking a very different approach to entertaining some great people, we like to call our fans. Usually, we are dissecting who did what, where, when, and how dumb they did it on MTV's awesome competition show-The Challenge. Sometimes, we're breaking down the social issues that MTV'S longest running reality show the Real World throws in our faces and really makes us think about. Today, Ultimate Challenge Radio and The Derrick Kosinski Podcast are taking it to a whole new level and taking on the BIGGEST REALITY SHOW to ever touch down at MTV!! We like to welcome and say thank you to Deena from the Jersey Shore for stopping by, making an appearance, taking the time, and telling us some great stories from her experience. And, that's not the only treat we have on this podcast. Kenny Santucci, a re-occurring co-host on the Derrick Kosinski Podcast and current host of Jersey Shore's "The Hook-Up" adds to a wealth of behind the scenes views at the cast of The Jersey Shore. .


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  • Jersey Shore Season 5 teaser
  • Deena's Surprise Backstory to getting casted
  • The Perfect Reality TV personality
  • Kenny the Host, not Kenny the cast member
  • What makes Sam and Ronnie Explode
  • Feeling Bad for "The Situation"
  • The VMA's/Lady Gaga Experience
  • Bringing Back the Bromance
  • Episodes off camera
  • MTV Family
  • Appreciation
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Lady Gaga Accepts Award from Deena and The Girls of Jersey Shore

Deena and Sammi on Today Show
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Shots, Shots, Shots w/Snooki & Ronnie


  1. This is pure BS, Derrick kissing her ass for being so real and not into her fame. It was JUST on the news Deena flipped out because they bumped her out of VIP at a club. I am not talking she got angry, i am talking ape shit crazy like "don't you know who i am" . All these JS kids think they are leonardo dicaprio now, and have the biggest egos.

    I highly doubt they were bringing her on regardless if Angelina left, doesn't make sense.

  2. it was jemmye from real world new orleans who was tweeting stuff about deena and other people from mtv

  3. I love Deena !!!!!! Like always Derrick another great podcast.

  4. Shame on Kenny if he did rape Tonya.


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