"The UFC on Ultimate Challenge Radio: Jake Shields calls someone out?!"

Friday, November 04, 2011
Podcast by Scott Yager with co-host Derrick Kosinski


This is another podcast I did with my friend Scott Yager on his show, "A Shot of Yager" Podcast. Hope you enjoy it.

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"The UFC on Ultimate Challenge Radio: Jake Shields calls someone out?!" 

Welcome to our 1st ever interview with the Ultimate Fighting Championship!!! Meet Jake Shields!! Jake was undefeated for 6 years in MMA's StrikeForce,the company now bought out by the UFC. Jake has one heck of a resume beating former UFC Light Heavyweight Champ Dan Henderson and dominating current Spike T.V. "Ultimate Fighter" coach and MTV's "Bully Beatdown" host "Mayhem" Miller. Many have fallen to Shields as he went on his 15 fight win streak. Jake was MMA StrikeForce Welterweight Champ before being summoned,stolen, and signed to the UFC by UFC President Dana White. He made his UFC debut the same historical night Brock Lesnar lost his Heavy Weight Championship to Cain Valesquez and has actually felt the wrath of George St. Pierre getting a title shot in his 2nd fight for the UFC just a year ago. After losing to St. Pierre,he lost a decision Jake Ellenberger just months ago. Jake has never lost 2 fights in a row. Nick Diaz-Jake Shields very good friend gets brought up in this podcast asking Shields if he would ever fight someone so close to him. Fortunately,Nick Diaz has defeated B.J. Penn and awaits GSP in the next elecrtrifying fight at 170lbs. Nick Diaz is definitly making a lot of noise and believe it or not,Jake Shields is right in the middle of it. After 2 losses in a row versus GSP and Ellenberger, Shields sounds hungrier than ever and you won't wanna miss what he told me and Scott Yager "The Yager Bomb" on this podcast!! Jake Shields talks about his relationship with Nick Diaz and weather or not he would fight a child-hood friend. We also discuss B.J. Penn's future and the possibilities of facing Anderson Silva at 185lbs. Jake Shields has a a great story, an MMA docu-movie called "Fight Life" coming out and we've got the lining to the next chapter right here.

The Derrick Kosinski Podcast, Scott Yager, Ultimate Challenge Radio, ShotOfYager.com, The Campus Socialite.com, The Sound Magazine team up for their first ever Interview and Podcast callabo.

It's a must hear!!!


UFC Jake Shields Podcast Interview ShotOfYager DerrickKosinksi Ulitmate Challenge Radio

- Fighting Nick Diaz-a long time friend
- An aging B.J. Penn
- Jake's Title Shot vs. GSP
- Calling Out Anderson Silva???
- Learning from Chael Sonnen
- UFC Debut The Same Night Brock Lesnar lost his Belt
- "Fight Life"-an MMA Documentary starring Jake Shields

Listen to the
Podcast Interview with UFC Fighter Jake Shields

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