"A Shot of Yager" Podcast w/ Returning Guest MTV’s Derrick Kosinski

Wednesday, October 12, 2011
Podcast by Scott Yager


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This is a podcast I did with my friend Scott Yager on his show, "A Shot of Yager" Podcast. Hope you enjoy it.

A Shot of Yager is a PODCAST (online radio show) where absolutely ANY topic or question is fair game! Guests can vary from reality stars to rock icons and there isn’t anybody who doesn’t fit the mold. For the ENTIRE catalog check out the ARCHIVE page! All podcasts are also available for subscription AND download for free at iTunes.

Listen to Derrick's Interview with Scott Yager at The Campus Socialite
MTV'S Derrick Kosinski Returns!

"Rivals and Regrets"

Finally!! I get to talk! Lol. The last time I got interviewed, it caused quite an eruption. Although, many familiar names are mentioned in this podcast, I don't think it will cause as big an uproar. But, I'm sure it will definitely raise some eye brows. Some of the names mentioned on this podcast include Zach and Alex from the New Real World:San Diego, Heather from Vegas, Adam King, C.T, Jenn, Brad, Adam Larson and Theo Von to name a few. Hear my predicted future for Zach on the challenges, The Evolution of Ultimate Challenge Radio, My Challenge Regrets,The Case I make for My Challenge Rivals, Real World Musicians and tons more. It was an honor to be interviewed by someone who has interviewed people like Chris Cornell of Soundgarden, Darius Rucker from Hootie and the Blowfish, Andrew Dice Clay, Martin Short, Bethenny Frankel, Scott Stapp, O.A.R.,Sevendust, Matisyahu, Hanson, Kenny Florian just to name some in 2011.

-My Rivals
-My Challenge Regrets
-Breaking down Zach and his future on Challenges
-The Fans Short term memories
-Adam King's Edit
-Mine and Brad's Boxing story
-Scott professes his love for Heather Marter
-Musicians in the Real World
-Amy Whinehouse and The Real World
-Do I think Real World:San Diego is going to be good?
-My thoughts on why Vegas was spectacular.
 -Failed Real World Musicians

Bio: Scott Yager
My name is Scott Yager. I was born in New York City. I moved to Stamford, CT when I was five. I lived there until I graduated high school and went to Syracuse University to study film, which is an incredibly worthless degree to acquire. I now work in New York City as a Reality TV Production Coordinator, having worked on shows such as Project Runway, America's Next Top Model and other extremely manly programming. Scott is also managing editor for TheSoundMagazine.com and TheCampusSocialite.com. On top of that he brings great character to the table being winner of Broadway Comedy Club’s NYC’s Funniest Young Comedian 2010 Contest.

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