1st Ever "Unofficial" "MTV Challenge Awards" - 2011

October 6, 2011 
Posted, Produced and Presented by: 
Derrick Kosinski, Frank Murgia, @ChallengeFacts
Ultimate Challenge Radio, talent network 

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Challenge Fans of all ages!!! 

WELCOME to the 1st Ever Unofficial "MTV Challenge Awards" -2011. 

There are 24 categories. Everyone from this years challenges, "Rivals" and "Cutthroat" has a chance to win. Of course, the Hall of Fame category will include some of our most memorable challengers from the past. The Fans will be the judge and will ultimately be handing out the awards. First round voting will take place from October 6th to October 16th. After the first 10 days, each category will be narrowed down to the top 5 nominees. Then voting will be taken place again for 8 days with the top 5 only in the running. Then a winners will finally be announced by video and podcast in early November.

Have fun, tell your friends,ReTweet,and enjoy.


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  1. Biggest Douche bag
  2. Biggest Back Stabber
  3. Best Teammate
  4. Worst Teammate
  5. Best At Flying Under the Radar
  6. Dumb Luck Player of the Year
  7. Best Manipulator
  8. Most Likely to get punched in the Face by a Fan
  9. Person You would most like to have a beer with
  10. Smartest Player
  11. The Underdog Award
  12. Best Male Entertainment
  13. Best Female Entertainment
  14. Best Male Competitor
  15. Best Female Competitor
  16. Best Drunken Fiasco
  17. Best Moment
  18. Rookie of the Year
  19. Best Elimination Round
  20. Favorite Hook-Up
  21. Hall of Fame
  22. Fan Favorite
  23. Heart of a Lion
  24. MVP
Round 1 Voting is closed and Final round voting will reopen on October 18th

Winners Announced in November


  1. How come for some categories you can vote for as many as possible but for others you can only vote for one? Nonetheless I only voted for one each anyway...

  2. For these past 2 seasons, Tyler's the MVP. no doubt. 2 wins. this was his year.

  3. damn must be a glitch in the polls. we will look into it and thanks for the heads up.

    Team UCR

  4. No Derrick or Alton for Hall of Fame?

    Also for MVP you have to go with Tyler. Man went away for a few years, came back and turned into a BEAST. He's accomplished more than anybody in the last year, hands down owning crap, like a boss.

  5. Best drunken fiasco, ONE WORD..........TY lol On Cutthroat and Rivals.

  6. For worst teammate I initially put Katie Doyle...but now I think about it...and the people that legitimately cost their team wins in the last two challenges: Shauvon or Ty.

  7. luke busted his chin when he was with camila and jenn dumped the water on him!

  8. The underdog award has way too many nominees… People like Ev, Johnny, Kenny, Wes, CT, Adam King, Evan, Laurel, Jenn, Robin, and Aneesa aren’t underdogs…
    And females and males should be separated for each category

  9. Wait you can vote multiple times? That's not really good, some Wes fanatic(yes he has one or two) is going to cheat using some type of script.

  10. when will they be announced in November?


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