"MTV Challenge Awards: The Unveiling of Categories" (Podcast)

October 5th, 2011
Derrick Kosinski's "Ultimate Challenge Radio" Powered by Talent Network
Hosted By: Derrick Kosinski w/Kenny Santucci, Evan Starkman and Mark Long
Produced By: Frank Murgia @ talent network news 

Derrick Kosinski, Kenny Santucci, Evan Starkman and "The Megatron" Mark Long get together to unveil the categories for the 1st Ever-Unofficial "MTV Challenge Awards."

This podcast explains, breaks down, and analyzes each category to give the fans a better idea of who they should vote for during the awards process. There are tons of challenge stories, jokes, and yet more behind the scenes windows to get your challenge fix. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show and listen to the 1st Ever-Unofficial "MTV Challenge Awards" unfold before your very ears. Thanks for getting involved.

-Team Ultimate Challenge Radio


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  • Biggest Douche bag
  • Biggest Back Stabber
  • Best Teammate
  • Worst Teammate
  • Best At Flying Under the Radar
  • Dumb Luck Player of the Year
  • Best Manipulator
  • Most Likely to get punched in the Face by a Fan
  • Most Arrogant
  • Person You would most like to have a beer with
  • Smartest Player
  • The Underdog Award
  • Best Male Entertainment
  • Best Female Entertainment
  • Best Male Competitor
  • Best Female Competitor
  • Best Drunken Fiasco
  • Best Moment
  • Best Elimination Round
  • Favorite Hook-Up
  • Hall of Fame
  • Fan Favorite
  • Heart of a Lion

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Ultimate Challenge Radio, Derrick Kosinski Podcast

Derrick Kosinski Podcast
  "MTV Challenge Awards: The Unveiling of Categories"
  (Rated PG-13 for Language)

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  1. I think something is wrong with the editing of the podcast. It restarts at around 47:48

  2. Evan's opinion of Paula confuses me. On one of the last podcasts he said that she trains so hard and on paper should be one of the top five girls on any given challenge, but then says her win on Rivals was dumb luck. She was arguably the third best girl there and had to keep pace with Evelyn during the final to win so idk how it was dumb luck.

    PS: Derrick don't let all of these dickheads in the comment box scare you into not saying stuff that you want to say about Wes. If you think he's the biggest douche/most arrogant/biggest manipulator/scum of the earth, say so. It's your show and they still listen regardless.

  3. I actually agree that Paula getting paired with Evelyn was dumb luck. Wes is without a doubt the best manipulator and smartest player. He isn't the best player but he is the smartest. He managed to get Evan to throw himself into a Jungle against CT even though he did the same thing on The Duel and Evan lost.

    I give my Male Competitor of the Year award to Tyler. 3-0 in elimination rounds with 2 Challenge wins. I don't think he will win though because of fanboy votes and people not realizing it should be for Cutthroat and Rivals only.

    Female Competitor of the Year is probably Evelyn just by default because there isn't a huge standout and she is the best despite only doing 1 show.

  4. Wes didn't get Evan thrown into the Jungle because he manipulated Evan...Evan wanted to go home. Wes and Nehemiah hinted at it in their podcast and Kenny said it in passing on this one. That's why Nehemiah changed his mind about throwing the challenge, because he found out that Evan was going to purposely lose the Jungle because he wanted to leave. Wes didn't manipulate anything. I may give it to him on Fresh Meat 2 alone...he didn't really manipulate anything on Rivals because he didn't really have to.

  5. Point 1:Evan talks ALOT! haha He's great I just wouldn't mind hearing Mark and Kenny.

    Point 2:How can you not call CT a great entertainer and then go on to talk about him. Like him or not he's very entertaining. From his great one-liners "Clowns in dog suits, dog's in clown suits" to his hookups and his performance in challenges & elimination rounds CT is entertaining, so based on cutthroat(Johnny Backpack elimination) and Rivals I'm giving him the entertainer award.

    Point 3:It's a shame not many people are going to remember Timmy, I'm voting for him, I love Mark but Timmy was awesome and Mark can always win next year. For the girls, Rachel should have been nominated! ha but I'm going with Ruthie.

    Point 4: The Heart of a Lion award is a tough one, Derrick definitely deserves it if you base it off all the past challenges but if your basing it off cutthroat and rivals, Brandon is tough competition. He had a heart of a lion on cutthroat throughout his time whereas Derrick only had moments. So for now I'm voting for both.

  6. The fight between Laurel and Big Easy should've been up for Best Drunken Fiasco. Also, I voted for Mark for Hall of Fame, but Alton should've been a nominee.

  7. Mandi hasn't won any money on any challenge. the $$ obviously didn't come from the Challenge.

  8. They still get paid even if they don't win any money.

  9. a lot of these catagories are too similar. Like i can already see a few people winning 2-3 catagories.There are minor differences that the three of you guys couldn't even explain clearly, so how are the fans going to. Also i hope each person/cpu gets one vote so one goofball doenst ruin the whole thing and vote 100 times. CT is best male entertainer, best elimination round(tbone) and best moment(backpack)..Wes biggest douche adn manipulator. Team player i'd say Kenny and smartest too. 3 people won 8 of them already. That's why i say they are too similar. I think they put in heart of lion just so derrick coudl win one, people have mentioned on podcasts using that exact phrase for him.

    There really are only like a few standouts from the challenges hence why 3 already have won 8 catagories IMO.

    Sidenote, Mandi brings nothing to challenge but hookups with multiple guys. Has she ever said or done anything else noteworthy in interviews or on a show?

    Other catagories id add..most intimdating male/female to ev/ct...best alliance JEK...Worst drunk goes to Adam R and Ty

  10. all simliar catagories ...ill add a few of my own as well as a few you gave ill give my picks

    woah is me award male eric, female Cara maria. Best rookie leroy by default emily dc.
    most intimidating male ct, female laurel.
    best one liners female Paula male ct/evan/Kenny
    mvp-tyler based on last few seasons, kenny close 2nd. females Laurel. she did more challenges than ev in last few yrs
    most bark no bite-WES
    should be good but isn't award- Tyrie
    drama queen- Tyler/Cara M

  11. I totally agree with Evan about Jasmine. Jasmine is the first new rookie in a long time who you can say is actually entertaining on the challenge and makes good television. When she's there, she gives the veterans a run for their money when it comes to being entertaining. Come on, her punching the mirror. Some of these new rookies are entertaining on their season but boring on the challenge (Ayiia), but Jasmine actually contributed to the show while she was there.

    Laurel is easily the best person to come from Fresh Meat 2. The guys from there are boring and unimpressive. Laurel is not only the best physical player for the females (tied with Evelyn), but she makes good tv, she has guts and can destroy someone with words.

    Evan is saying Nehemiah is the worst partner, but I say he was the worst partner to have ever the way he handled things on Rivals.

    Mike and Leroy were the most likable players. You would certainly want to have a drink with them.

  12. Well if it's between Cutthroat and Rivals best competitor if this isn't bs rankings like the last bracket it should be CT or Abram. Although it seems like on the last contest people actually think Kenny could take Abram lol!

  13. Jenn never step into a gulag nor a jungle she sucks she would have been gone if she ever did

  14. lol @Derrick trying to say Wes is the biggest D-bag/backstabber without saying his name, say it only if you could say it to his face but w/e at least Wes is upfront about it, I just remember G3 when Coral was like "we knew what they were doing but when we confront them, Evan, Kenny would go WHAT we would never!" lmao, damn I wish Coral was Ev's partner! Biggest D-bag is Johnny and best entertainment is CT hands down.

  15. Kenny is by far the best competitor, manipulator, entertainer and most beautiful!

  16. Ct is the best competitor as well as the most handsome, sexiest man ever!!!


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