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January, 16 2012
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"UCR" Podcast Featuring Derrick, Coral & Laurel"

This is Round 2 of our Pre-Challenge Podcasts getting everyone well equipped and ready with information pertaining to MTV's new challenge "Battle of the Exes." This week's podcast covers 7 of the male exes counter parts, the girls. On top of finding out as much information as possible about Paula, Robin, Cara Maria, Rachel, Aneesa and Diem, we also get a chance to catch up with one of Reality T.V.'s all time icons, Coral. That's right, after not hearing from Coral since her departure on The Gauntlet 3, we take a trip down memory lane finding out what really happened with the Spider Bite that ultimately spoiled the final for Team Real World, way back when. We also get a close look into how WWE's Champion Mike "The Miz" started his "Miz" gimmick. Check out our talking points below to find out some more of the topics we'll be covering. In the mean time, Laurel co-hosts a great show with hilarious stories and game breaking insight on the female competitors sitting up on the chopping block. I think it's safe to say, "neither one of these girls wrestle, they both beat bitches up." So as always, sit back, relax, and laugh a little. I couldn't help myself on the quote. Ha-ha! Cheers!


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P.S.- "I don't wrestle, I beat bitches up!!!" ...Coral

MTV Challenge Battle of the Exes Derrick Kosinski Podcast Coral

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Ultimate Challenge Radio, Derrick Kosinski Podcast
Derrick Kosinski Podcast
    Battle of the Exes (Girls Breakdown) 

-Coral Vision is Back!
-Coral coming back to the Challenges??
-Investigating Coral's Twitter
-Laurel and Coral "Making Heads Roll" on a future challenge
-Backstory on Mike "The Miz"
-Near Fatal Finals aka Spider Bites
-Paula and Laurel's Beef
-Robin vs. Paula: Who cries 1st??
-Cara Maria and Abe's Matchup
-The Only Same Sex Team: Rachel and Aneesa
-Playing 'Serious Catch Up with Sarah'
-Diem and C.T. back together...?

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RW/RR: Battle of the Sexes 2 (Ep.1 Pt.3) 
Featuring Coral 


  1. Was hoping I'd finally get to hear Coral on Abram they were engaged at some point. She kinda just avoided the topic a lot.

    1. I'm not going to lie...this was boring. I like Derrick, Coral, and Laurel but I almost fell asleep during this.

    2. Coral cut Derrick off when he was about to say something about Abram and her. She was like we are not going there.

  2. Was anything actually said about Diem aside from the fact that she's there? Hopefully on the next one we can hear some more challenge talk (although I was happy to hear how Coral is doing).

  3. ^^LMAO Exactly what I was thinking. When Derrick was like "Ok where done with the girls" I was like "the hell? They didn't say anything about Diem." To be honest though they didn't really break down the rest of the girls either. Although I enjoyed this podcast it was more of a "Where are you now? Coral Edition" That should have been done before asking her to break down the girls. In a sum of words, great podcast, wrong title.

  4. Loved the podcast Coral always brings it real, very good scoop. Great to know MTV is asking Coral to do challenges, too bad she said no. I wondered why Cara was on the show. So following that pattern, I guess if Diem hadn't said yes, then Laurel might have been asked too?? Laurel was pretty good in this interview, she seemed much cooler. Derrick was pretty good too, all in all it was really good fun! Let's have more of Coral!

  5. ^Agreed...they only really talked about Paula, Robin, Aneesa, and Rachel. Sarah was glossed over, Cara seemed like a taboo topic b/c of Abram, and not one word was said about Diem (who was Derrick's PARTNER on FM but is somehow rarely mentioned on this podcast).

  6. Coral is hilarious as always. Amazing podcast.

  7. wow....Laural is really kissing Coral's ass.

  8. No disrespect but is there a reason why Mandi, Jasmine and Emily was excluded from this discussion?

    I kinda wish the guests were more on topic. We didn't really get into people like Sarah and Diem.

  9. what happen to diem?? was looking forward to hearing what they thought about her

  10. i dont undertand why half the girls cast wasnt discussed?

  11. Yeah why arnt all the girls talked about? And wtf is part 2 of the guys? Is it cause you dont wana talk about some ppl?? wtf? And is it just me or does Coral and Laurel sound the same? I cant tell whose talking. They dont sound the same on TV but on the phone they sound the same.

    lol these 2 act like they've known each other for years when they've only talked on twitter but its cool w/e. And I hope Ev does come back :(

  12. Thank you Derrick for that podcast with Coral. That woman kicks ass for real, brains, body and beauty and it's all natural! (not a ton of make-up with a thousand corny pics all over the place either) LOVE her. Laurel is a real beauty too, tall and natural, that's where it' at man.

  13. In the talking points section, it mentions "Diem and CT back together...?' Did they actually talk about that or did I completely miss that?

  14. Why is it such a big deal about how many challenges each person has done? 20's are the time to enjoy life. I think ppl put to much attention on whos done what. Its all for fun isnt it?

  15. "Why is it such a big deal about how many challenges each person has done? 20's are the time to enjoy life. I think ppl put to much attention on whos done what. Its all for fun isnt it?"

    ^HIGH effing FIVE! Yes ITA with you, great post and YES again. In our 20's we have fun. I love Coral's wit, Laurel is very smart to align herself with Coral. Coral is 100% authentic all the way to her double D's I knew her in highschool & she was teased about them back then REAL DOUBLE D titties on a thin girl go figure. Coral didn't even discover Twitter until Christmas 2011 #busy! Let's face it, CLOWNFACE make-up, fake hair, feathers and BJ'S can only take one so far #realityho #getoveritflatchestedbeaotch #buyapair...JUST SAYIN'

  16. LMAO hee hee @ CLOWNFACE make-up, fake hair, feathers and BJ'S can only take one so far #realityho #getoveritflatchestedbeaotch #buyapair...JUST SAYIN'


  17. I want in on this one. That HORRRIBLE freshmeat wannabeeee bullshit copycat TEARS FOR FEARS asshole Cara BUNGA AND she is SECOND SLOPPY SECOND choice. CAN she spell MTV ASKED CORAL FIRST? LOL forget the tittie challenge she's a flat last.
    P.S. Coral's ABS ARE LEGEND TOO!

  18. Another great podcast! Always a pleasure to hear coral's sexy a** lol. I WISH she would've been on EXES with Rachel and Aneesa!

  19. Wow the girl who keeps talking shit to Cara on here and twitter really needs a fucking life. You're ugly and jealous.

  20. Wait, Derrick, the diehard Bears fan bought a jersey of a Packer?!?!?!

  21. Coral and Laurel act like they would love each other...but we all know if they were on a challenge together they would butt heads


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