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January, 24 2012
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"UCR" Podcast Featuring Derrick, Brandon, Emily & Cohutta"

If you guys wanna hear challenge stories,this is the podcast for you!!! Derrick,Cohutta,Brandon,and Emily cover everyone that Coral and Laurel missed and everyone that Kenny and Evan were supposed to get to. Get ready to be entertained. I feel like it was almost a blessing in disguise. I almost think that there is more challenge inside information on this podcast than any other. 4 people,1 pod = tons of fun, fascinating never-heard-before stories!! Stories about who,what,when,where,and how,you ask??? The talking points below are just a taste of the topics ready to get dissected and destroyed. As always,sit back,relax and enjoy the ride!! This one is worth it!


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Ultimate Challenge Radio, Derrick Kosinski Podcast
Derrick Kosinski Podcast
    Brandon, Emily, Cohutta 

-Cohutta and KeliAnne as original Exes
-Emily and Ty's relationship
-Johnny's over protection of Ty
-Camila the Klepto??
-Johnny and Casey as original Exes
-Brandon's H.S. teaching experience
-Mandi's Double Dip
-The Cohutta/Wes story
-Rasheeda vs. Tyra
-Diem's Helpfulness
-Nate's Science
-The Godfather's Wisdom
-Abe's Moonshine via Cohutta

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  1. Oooooh can't wait to hear Cohutta again, that guy is brilliant!

  2. Great group for the podcast, two cool laid back guys and a cool laid back girl. Cohutta definately needs to get on the next challenge if he is available. Emily im extremly jealous of your boyfriend right now.

  3. when will the rest of the kenny and evan podcast be coming out?

  4. Emily...I think you should ditch the bf and come back over the rainbow ;-)

    Great podcast! Loved it! Lesbians + Jordan Shorts = So true!

  5. Amazing podcast featuring the most likeable challenge people ever. Cohutta is awesome and hilarious. Hope he comes back. Brandon is great and gets screwed over by producers not featuring him enough. Emily is a badass chick. Don't agree with what she said about Heather staying with Dustin so she doesn't look like the bad guy. If she were worried about that, she wouldn't have already broken up with him on the show. They are together right now and living together. I think she really loves him and he treats her well.

  6. I laughed hard when Brandon said Ty's alter ego is Tyra.

  7. A lot of people liked Wes on the Ruins just because he was going against Kenny, Johnny and Evan, but he was messed up for the way he treated Cohutta. Bragging about stealing his girlfriend and taking his money after Cohutta sat him down to be cool with him. I'm glad Cohutta beat him and embarassed him because Wes needed some humble pie.

  8. wow, how many times did derrick put on a fake laugh. why did he even do it, i dont get it. there was no need to laugh the way he did which was so obviously forced.

  9. This was one of the best podcasts yet. Everyone knew how to have a good conversation.

  10. after Derrick said "Mark's got a hyperbaric chamber." I wish someone would've parodied Cohutta's voice and said, "Wait a minute..this guy can travel through time?!"


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