"CHALLENGE MADNESS" 2012 Bracket Tournament

April, 2 2012
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Derrick Kosinski's 2nd annual Bracket Madness Tournament.
* This Bracket is for amusement only and not sponsored by or endorsed by MTV
A very special thank you to "Out D' Box Productions" for making the fantastic bracket and for all of the logos and graphics for UCR.

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Voting Schedule:
  • ROUND 1 (All 32) March 22 thru March 27 (CLOSED)
  • ROUND 2 (Sweet 16) March 28 thru April 1 (CLOSED- View Results)
  • ROUND 3 (Elite 8) April 2 thru April 5 (CLOSED- Results Below)
  • ROUND 4 (Final 4) April 6 thru April 9 (CLOSED- View Results)
  • ROUND 5 (Finals) April 10 thru April 15 (VOTE NOW)
Winner Announced Monday, April 16th, 2012

"Challenge Madness - Accomplices" (ROUND 3 "Elite 8" RESULTS) 

1. Darrell/Rachel 64% 
5. Leroy/Aneesa 8% 

6. Abe/Cara Maria 51% 
2. Johnny/Camila 23% 

1. Evan/Susie 74% 
5. Derrick/Emily S. 17% 

3. Kenny/Laurel 30% 
2. Landon/Carley 49%

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  1. How in the world is Leroy and Aneesa in the elite 8? lol neither of them have proven to be all that great. I guess it's just a matter of fans though because i really couldn't see them beating Mark and Jasmine in anything.

  2. yo D, the picture says that kenny and laurel made it to the elite 8 but the voting says brad and tori did. Which one is correct?

  3. hey guys thanks for the heads up. A mistake on my part posting the results and new voting. It is Kenny and Laurel who did win the last round to move in to this round. That matchup has been reset at zero so as to have even voting in that specific matchup. My apologies.

    Frank Murgia
    Talent Network, Inc.
    Team UCR

  4. I dont believe CT lost seeing I voted like 200 times during the boring podcast other day lol

  5. all these match ups are nobrainers:
    Johnny/Camila < Abe/Cara Maria : watch battle of the exes
    Landon/Carley < Kenny/Laurel: watch Fresh Meat 2 (final)
    Evan/Susie vs Derrick/Emily: Susie sucks
    Darrel/Rachel < Leroy/Aneesa: Aneesa's fat and Darrel would murder Leroy.

  6. Dear anonymous apearantly you don't know how to use < and > signs or your crazy.
    > = Greater than
    < = less than

    1. who gives a shit, he's rights.

    2. hes right? so you think leroy and anessa are better than darrel and rachcel? okay awesome. Clearly he is not right he would be right if he had all his "signs" flipped around

  7. Susie does not suck. You do realize she has made it to the end of every Challenge, right? She is 4-0 in elimination rounds and won 3 of the 4 possible life shields on The Inferno 3.

    1. she is the most overrated girl on the challenge, she won against Casey,(Brianna en Kim wich were very close) and Jenn here flag got stuck.

  8. Ummm did you watch the last challenge? Mr I voted 200 times for CT? Emily could of run circles around CT in the battle of the exes finale if it wasnt for Ty. Emily and Derrick hands down would kill everyone seeing as not one girl could even come close to Emily.

    1. We don't know that Emily is the best female. We know that she is top 3 with Evelyn and Laurel. We don't know how she ranks compared to them though because she hasn't been on a Challenge with Evelyn and the Challange she did with Laurel was Cutthroat, where the Gray team won 5 missions compared to 2 for the Blue team. I would probably take Evelyn over her still and probably Laurel.

      I do agree with you that Derrick and Emily should have beaten Tina and CT. Tina is a terrible athlete.

  9. Emily couldn't figure out the puzzles during the BOTE finale. Seeing as Laurel solved all of the puzzles her and Kenny had to do during Fresh Meat 2,as well as The Cutthroat finale,I would pick Laurel over Emily. Borg Susie and Emily are great.. I think Evan is a stronger competitor than Derrick though.

    1. Laurel's not an awesome distance runner though. In the Paula podcast Paula said that there was a point where Laurel and Cara had a HUGE lead on them but just couldn't keep their pace. It's also probably likely that if Kenny and Landon had ran the FM2 final alone and you got rid of the puzzles (which neither are awesome at) Landon probably still would've won but it would've been WAY closer. I think Laurel slowed Kenny down a lot more than the edit showed.

      I think Laurel probably would've kicked Emily's ass if we're talking Cutthroat Laurel vs Cutthroat Emily...but Emily looked to be in AMAZING shape on BOTExes so I'm not so sure what happens if you put them against each other now.

  10. in which world does Cara Maria and Abe BEAT Johnny and Camila??? Some people are just nuts...


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