"CHALLENGE MADNESS" 2012 Bracket Tournament
(Round 2 "Sweet 16" VOTING)

March, 28 2012
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Welcome to Derrick Kosinski's 2nd annual Bracket Madness Tournament.

* This Bracket is for amusement only and not sponsored by or endorsed by MTV

A very special thank you to "Out D' Box Productions" for making the fantastic bracket and for all of the logos and graphics for UCR.

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Voting Schedule:
  • ROUND 1 (All 32) March 22 thru March 27 (CLOSED)
  • ROUND 2 (Sweet 16) March 28 thru April 1 (CLOSED- View Results)
  • ROUND 3 (Elite 8) April 2 thru April 5 (CLOSED- Results Below)
  • ROUND 4 (Final 4) April 6 thru April 9 (CLOSED- View Results)
  • ROUND 5 (Finals) April 10 thru April 15 (CLOSED- View Winners)
Winner Announced Monday, April 16th, 2012

"Challenge Madness - Accomplices"  (ROUND 2 "Sweet 16" RESULTS)

1. Darrell/Rachel 64%
8. Tyler/Robin 10%

5. Leroy/Aneesa 55%
4. Mark/Jasmine 20%

6. Abe/Cara Maria 42%
3. Miz/Coral 33%

10. Tyrie/Jenn 25%
2. Johnny/Camila 53%

1. Evan/Susie 64%
8. Cohutta/Evelyn 27%

5. Derrick/Emily S. 45%
4. C.T./Tina 39%

6. Brad/Tori 46%
3. Kenny/Laurel 49%

7. Ty/Paula 19%
2. Landon/Carley 60%

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  1. How the F did Veronica and Shane lose to MARK AND JASMIN?! Well, I'm done voting. This is a joke, right?

  2. Veronica might beat Jasmine, but you're kidding thinking Shane could beat Mark

    1. As we all have seen in Exes, it doesn't matter which individuals could beat each other. It's all about a team and Veronica and Shane are the better team. But whatever... it's just for fun.

  3. Bottom line is that its hard to pick one team vs another because the teams arent equally stacked.

  4. Really? Someone REALLY thought Shane could beat my main man Mark F'n Long?!?!? C'mon man!

  5. Is it Fat Evan from Rivals or Evan from The Duel 2 and The Ruins? If it is Fat Evan then Evelyn's advantage over Susies is bigger than his advantage over Cohutta.

  6. Vote CT/Tina so that if Derrick comes out on top, we'll know it's rigged, seriously, how does HE get Emily and Ty doesn't, that makes no sense!

    1. It's not EXES. Anyone can be teamed with anyone

    2. But why is Derrick teamed up with Emily S. ????
      Obviously, bc Derrick want to be in the final 4 ...
      How can pregnant Evan beat Cohutta and Evelyn? Susie isnt really a fan favorite.
      This is ricked. No doubt.

    3. *rigged, and if you don't like it then don't vote

  7. "Vote CT/Tina so that if Derrick comes out on top, we'll know it's rigged, seriously, how does HE get Emily and Ty doesn't, that makes no sense!"

    They have done other votes/brackets and Derrick has lost so leave the commenting to the original listeners or shut the hell up until you know how it works around here.

  8. agree with all outcomes except for Evelyn/Cohutta vs Susie/Evelyn should have been much closer or even Evelyn should have beaten them. Cohutta is in the form of his life and Evelyn would murder Susie.

  9. It obvi rigged the percentages dont even add up to 100 I know D isnt that smart but can he atleast count to 100. Im thinking CT had 55% and Brad had 51% but he wants his boys to win so changes %s

    1. some people don't vote for everybody , so you get that some matches are only 80%.

    2. Pretty sure no one cares enough about a fun little March Madness game to "rig votes". This isn't real life. People like Derrick and Kenny too.


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