"CHALLENGE MADNESS" 2012 Bracket Tournament

April 16, 2012
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Thank you to all of the fans who participated and voted in the Derrick Kosinski 2nd annual Challenge Madness Tournament.
* This Bracket is for amusement only and not sponsored by or endorsed by MTV

In a battle of number-one seeds four of the toughest competitors in MTV Challenge history faced-off. On the MTV silver screen this matchup would be a ratings hit and brutal back and forth race to the finish line and probably have to go to the tape for a review of whose nose crossed the finish line. In this online format from the opening tip this matchup was a blowout of epic proportions.

Congratulations to the WINNERS EVAN & SUSIE!!!

Finals Results

1. Darrell/Rachel 28%
1. Evan/Susie 71%

A very special thank you to "Out D' Box Productions" for making the fantastic bracket and for all of the logos and graphics for UCR.

  • ROUND 1 (All 32) March 22 thru March 27 (CLOSED)
  • ROUND 2 (Sweet 16) March 28 thru April 1 (CLOSED- View Results)
  • ROUND 3 (Elite 8) April 2 thru April 5 (CLOSED- View Results)
  • ROUND 4 (Final 4) April 6 thru April 9 (CLOSED- View Results)
  • ROUND 5 (Finals) April 10 thru April 15 (CLOSED

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  1. Evan is awsome!! Woohoo thats who I wanted to win

  2. Landon/Carly would win. Landon is OP

  3. yaaaay! i love evan

  4. someone voted evan 1000 times prob that jekdynasty douche on twitter lol

    1. Why dont you say that to him on twitter? Oh wait your to big of a coward to do that. man up and when I say man up I dont mean make a fake profile with no picture dip shit.

    2. you mean like you?

    3. noone has a pic on here that ive seen lol what a tool this guy

    4. It was probably Evan voting 1000 times so he can win something since he won't be allowed back on the challenge's for the rape allegations

    5. He probly has better things to do then sit and vote for himself 1000 times and I wouldn't waste my time saying anything to him on twitter if I were u, he could probly care less what u think of him

    6. Ive talked crap to that dude on twitter he's an idiot but he never replies he only seems to talk crap to like fat people, it's probably Johnny, I mean who else is a bigger fan of Johnny than Johnny

  5. Haha hey I actually just looked up the JEK dynasty on twitter and he admitted to voting day in and out for Evan that's some funny sh*t if he did that, though way too much time on his hands.

  6. I hope they can now get Susie on a podcast!


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