Vinny & Mandi Together Talk about the MTV Challenge: Battle of the Exes "BoobGate" | Podcast

April 18 2012
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"The Boob Job"

Remember when Vinny ripped Mandi's top off and got kicked off The Challenge that one time?!?! You ever wonder how mad Mandi really was?? You ever wonder how pissed her boyfriend might be and if Vinny really cares?? Well if you have, you're in for a treat because we get the full behind the scenes story from Vinny and Mandi exactly how it went down that spectacular night in the Dominican Republic. This podcast is full of laughter ranging from Johnny Bananas jaw getting wired shut to cast members getting rewarded for their bad behavior. As always, sit back, relax, and laugh a little as Vinny brings his A game!!


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MTV The Challenge Battle of the Exes Vinny Mandi

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    "Vinny & Mandi" Podcast 

-The Face Off
-The Boston Boob Job
-Mandi's Fault???
-Shirtless Vinny VS. Topless Mandi
-Partnered with Wes for the 2nd Time
-Reasons why Vinny went after Wes and Mandi
-The Challenge as an Amusement Park
-Communication with the Outside World
-The After Drunk
-A Regular Tuesday Night in Vegas
-Drunken Great Television
-Vinny VS. Mandi's Boyfriend
-19 Years Old and Ready to Rumble
-Lack of Alcohol Makes More Crazy
-Road Rules Pizza Shop
-The Damage Done after a Loss
-Being Rewarded for Being Bad
-Vinny's "Idiot" Speech

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  1. Derrick bro why would you wait till 3 weeks after the finale to put out a podcast then do a pod about something that happened in episode 2? What are you thinkin bro?

    1. I know right? These two are so irrelevant. I'd rather hear from CT, Emily, Ty, Camila, Rachel, and Aneesa. I guess they don't wanna do it.

    2. was thinking the same thing, he sould have done this challenge madness bracket now , instead of the season. he should have TJ Lavin on his podcast to ask wich one is the best competitor ( he was going to do that) or Johnny ( beceause he so funny)

    3. Dude what are YOU guys thinking? Did you stop to think that it might be a little difficult to get people scheduled to do these things? Do you not have enough to complain about? I mean in the grand scheme of things, Derek provides us with a pretty specialized podcast. As a fan of these crazy people and these crazy challenges I WANT Derek to follow up on issues like this. This is what I consider supplementary information/entertainment. If he gets Puck and Kevin on her to talk about spitting, I'm all ears.

  2. Hahaha OMG I just saw Dunbar Flinn in a movie trailer called The Terror experiment! .....Or his twin

  3. The Challenge: Past, Present, Future. Get 'er done, MTV!

  4. id rather hear from the finalists but it was still pretty good

  5. Mandi comes across as way cooler and more likable on these podcasts than she does on the show.

  6. What about tonya cooley and the toothbrush?


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