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April 19, 2012
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"Eating Heads and Drinking Blood"

Welcome to more challenge information than you can ever ask for!! There's so much challenge knowledge inside this podcast your speakers might ooze!! This podcast includes 12 Time Challenge Host and X-Games Champion T.J. Lavin, 7 Time Challenge Finalist, 3 Time Challenge Champ and The Jersey Shore After Show Host Kenny Santucci. Their host is non-other than Derrick Kosinski who is tied for most Challenge Appearances, 2nd in Elimination Battles,and also has held 3 Challenge Victories along side Kenny Santucci. Does it really get any better than this??? These guys are going to give you their UFC 145: predictions,break down all the major Battle of the Exes Grudge Matches,and explain how insane that Final was atop a Glacier where C.T. ate a human head and drank blood. Just kidding. It wasn't a human head, but it was some kind of head and he ate it!! Stay tuned for a real guy's guy podcast. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!!


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Derrick Kosinski Podcast TJ Lavin, Kenny Santucci

Ultimate Challenge Radio, Derrick Kosinski Podcast
Derrick Kosinski Podcast
  "TJ & Kenny" Podcast 
-Catching up w/ T.J and Kenny
-UFC Predictions: Bones vs. Suga
-UFC/WWE/The Challenge
-Grudge Matches
-Leroy vs. Wes:Ass Whoopin or Good Fight??
-Thoughts on Wes
-Abe vs. Ty
-C.T. vs. The Glacier
-A Final of a Different Color
-Ice Cold Water: 40 below
-Diem Leading The Way
-C.T. Eating Heads
-Drinking Blood
-T.J. Lavin:The King of Dirt
-Mark vs. Johnny
-When is too old??
-Is Johnny #1???
-The Strength of C.T.
-A Jinx
-The Challenge Bug
-Sizing up C.T. and Leroy
-A Sport with No Rules

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  1. Kenny needs to stop saying loosing rivals was ALL Wes' fault, Wes came threw when he needed to, they probably lost cause they didnt know how to work those GPS things, and it was just production BS Wes/Kenny basically won rivals by 45 minutes but by some retarded rule they're lead is reduced to 2 minutes. I actually wanted to know what Kenny thinks of Wes' accusation of him and Evan lol I dont get these people, one second they're cool the next they do something crazy and dont react that much but they would over react over smaller stuff.

    1. I don't blame him for being salty...I think he'll get over it though. I was surprised that Kenny said good things about how good Wes was pre-Fresh Meat 2. I mean he made the juicing comment but he's not the first, but the fact that he used the word "impressed" when referring to Wes and meant it genuinely was pretty shocking.

      Plus the thing about it is that since this is a podcast with one of his friends Kenny's gonna get a lot of airtime and since it was his most recent challenge he's gonna be asked about it. I rarely hear him say much about the Rivals final in other interviews he does.

      And the odds of the Tonya topic ever being brought up on this show are slim and zero.

    2. Ya I just found it odd that he just talked about him very objectively, instead of the personal BS that he used to, the juicing comment is nothing lol especially after what Wes said, like being called a rapist is 100x worse than being accused of "juicing" lmao, very curios to see how this Tonya thing plays out though. But yea rivals was both their faults, but not really it was just a BS rule, I was actually surprised Wes/Kenny were able to keep such a huge lead from Johnny/Tyler, especially since Wes was puking the whole time. they really didnt have to worry about CT at all. But yes, duel 3 gentlemen! Hopefully they all show up and go against eachother in an elimination, I want a Wes/Kenny elimination, hopefully something that wont involve climbing ropes lol how about a fist fight elimination :P

    3. They should have a boxing match elimination round for The Duel 3. Wes vs. Kenny would be awesome. Hopefully, Nehemiah and Evan could do it, because I think they flat-out said they want to fight. CT vs. Abram would probably be the best just because they are both absolutely nuts, and they both have a "beast mode", where they would just freaking kill each other. And then Mike vs Adam King just for the lolz.

    4. C.T vS abram would be amazing to see in an elimination round!

  2. Kenny complaining about Wes costing him $25k when Wes carried Kenny to the Final is quite ironic. I wish BMP/MTV would provide full videos of elimination rounds so we could see how close they actually were. I understand they can't show them in the episode because of time restraints but it would be interesting to see how close some of the matchups actually were.

    1. ^ Exactly, Wes carried him the entire show. All I remember is Kenny laying in the bed complaining that he lost his mojo, and he's seemingly forgotten all about that. Its like the Fab Five 30 for 30 when Jimmy King said Chris Webber screwed up at the worst time that he could've screwed up at, but he wasn't mad at Chris because he realized Chris had gotten them there. Kenny needs to realize the same and keep it moving.

  3. When they talk more objectively about Wes & CT relative to what they usually do and give ACTUAL challenge analysis rather than the favoritism and personal bias schtick we usually get then it actually makes for a great and entertaining podcast! So thank you guys! Just keep it real, we can all admit that Wes is at the least a decent competitor with a flawed social game, and not totally inept physically and socially like this show can sometimes paint him to be.

  4. Yeah I agree, I actually thought Wes had a great social game on FM2 until Landon fucked everything up, the duel was just funny, how Evan can agree to something then whine when its time to do it, what a hypocrite. It is better when they arent just shitting on people and acting like they're amazing at everything. Good work guys!

  5. TJ just seems like a solid dude. You would think being at the top of his sport at one point and at least a decent level of fame, not to mention he know has his own product with "forgiven", that all this might get to his head a little...not.. at...all!

  6. Kenny is right maybe CT is not destiny to win a challenge,He has everything to win he is strong,athletic,smart but hell he always end up having bad luck.
    -the inferno 1:he lost bc his team
    -the inferno 2:he lost again bc his team blame on tonya and tina
    -the duel: his lame dq
    -the gauntlet 3:Big easy almost die
    -rivals:adam's fault
    -exes:In all the challenges he has done this was the only one that was his own fault,he gassed out still I give props to him bc been a hardcore smoker and he make it pretty far.
    But I dont understand why kenny said that johnny beat CT twice,johnny just beat CT once,on rivals it was adams fault.
    And Im glad that kenny finally recognized that even that landon or MJ are big guys,they doesnt have what CT,CT is a natural athlete.
    I want to see CT win at least one.

  7. Whats up guys, I came up with an idea for a challenge that i think is pretty legit. Read this and comment on it if you have any comments/concerns/suggestions.

    My challenge was inspired after seeing the Avengers. Since the Avengers are a super team that fight Loki's big ass army, I thought it would be sick to see a few of the Challenge's best fight an army of challengers. I call it The Challenge: Mutiny. This could go 2 ways; either have 5 girls and 5 guys on a team, or just 5 guys. I prefer the 5 guys version. This is the superstar team, and consists of Kenny, CT, Johnny Bananas, Landon, and either Evan or Leroy for the last spot. If there is a girls team, it would be Laurel, Ev, Susie, Rachel, and Emily. Then the other team, or as I call them the Revengers (since they've all been dominated by the superstars and are seeking revenge) would have either 10, 11, or 12 guys and the same number of girls. I'm not exactly sure how the challenge's themselves would go down, since the revengers team will greatly outnumber the superstar team. I envision the revengers team has to pick 5 girls and 5 guys go up against the superstars and either the superstars have to do the challenge twice or they determine who wins by average times. The one thing the Bunim Murray producers are good at are making the challenges cool, so I'll let them handle this part. If the superstars win the challenge, they get to pick 1 guy and 1 girl from the revengers team to go into an elimination, and the rest of the revengers team has to vote in another guy and girl to go against each other in the elimination. After a revenger male elimination, I came up with the idea that a superstar goes up against the guy that just lost in the elimination. If the superstar wins, the revenger is officially knocked out and the superstar gets $2000 or a stereo or whatever, but if the revenger wins, he gets to try to get revenge on the person who just knocked him out by replaying the elimination. Basically he becomes a revenger avenger. If no superstars want to compete because they think the person who got eliminated is weak and they want them to have another chance at taking out a strong player, they can choose to not compete and just replay the revengers elimination. I included this part because I think the superstars should compete as much as possible, and we should try as hard as possible to have CT murder someone in competition. Actually I don't really care if it's in competition, I just think we should try to have him murder someone. If the revengers win the challenge, they get to pick 1 of the superstars to go into an elimination and the superstar has to call out one of his superstar brotheren to face off against. The last rule for eliminations is that at any time, a Revenger can call out a superstar and go against him in an elimination. For example, If Adam Royer wants to take on Landon, so be it. If the Revengers can somehow knock out 3 of the superstars, then the remaining 2 superstars will draft the remaining revengers and it will become a standard team challenge.

    Quickly, in the version of this challenge where there are girl superstars, the same basic rules apply, except the whole revengers team will likely compete in challenges. LIke the only guy version, if the superstars win, 2 revenger guys and girls go against each other in an elimination, and they are either knocked out or spared by the superstar. If the revengers win, they pick a male superstar and female superstar who then call out one of their superstar teammates.

    The title sequence alone will make the show. Can't you see Kenny, Johnny, CT, Landon, and Evan in a circle with there backs against each other while 20 crazy looking challengers holding pitchforks surrounding them, with Wes as the ringleader?

    Hopefully someone at BMP will see this and make this a challenge. Its probably to late to be the next one, but maybe the one after that? Tell me if you guys like this idea.


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