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May 2, 2012
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"Adventures with Syrus and The NBA Playoffs"

Welcome back to THE LOCKER ROOM!!! This is the place where the deepest and most emotional aspects of athletic performance are discussed and dissected. This is the place where guys can be guys and not worry about what other people are going to say because it's behind closed doors. Well,on our very special visits THE LOCKER ROOM here on Ultimate Challenge Radio, the norms are broken and the doors become open to the public as our athletes break down the Best Reality Television God could grace us with...Sports!! From the best story lines to the best plays, we'll be talking about it. This time around,we've got the 2012 NBA PLAYOFFS. Derrick's guests this week are Zach from Real World:Back to San Diego, Syrus from Real World:Boston, Girls Gone Wild, and the many Challenges on MTV. These guys aren't just athletes, they're world class television personalities who are about to give their best impression as an NBA and Life Analyst. The guys will also be joined by Sports Guru Tim Koskuba who has also had the luxury of being surrounded by both positive praise and red hot heat with some of the projects he's worked on at Kenny, Charles, Shaq, guys better watch your backs!! If ESPN gets a hold of this podcast,your jobs might be next!!! Sit back,as always,and enjoy! Stay tuned for quite a few jokes, low blows, and the fellas true thoughts on the NBA PLAYOFFS.

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Derrick Kosinski NBA Playoffs Podcast

Ultimate Challenge Radio, Derrick Kosinski Podcast
Derrick Kosinski Podcast
  "2012 NBA Playoffs" Podcast 

-Shaq, Mark Cuban,and Charles Barkley Comparison
-Skip Bayless, Jalen Rose,Stephen A. Smith Media Debate
-Emotional Time for Chicago
-The Derrick Rose Discussion
-Chicago vs. Miami
-Steve Urkel
-The "E" League (Entertainment League)
-Hoopin with Snoop Dog
-Zach's Short Fuse
-Syrus' Challenge Future
-Heat vs. Knicks
-Jeremy Lin's Cape
-Lebron James Jokes
-Magic vs. Pacers
-More Jokes
-Spurs vs. Jazz
-Syrus' Age
-Taking the Unknown Path
-Thunder vs. Mavericks
-The Lake Show vs. Nuggets
-The Grizz vs. Lob City
-Clippers, Khloe and Lamar
-The Fight in Chicago
-Best of the Rest

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  1. I love the old NBA on NBC intro, reminds me of watching bball in its hayday.

  2. i thought this was ultimate challenge radio, I came here to hear pod casts about the challenge not the nba playoff...

    1. boo hoo cry a river and get over it

    2. Oh okay. What about the Challenge would you like to hear about that hasn't been discussed? It isn't like they have new material to cover regarding the Challenge.

    3. they have barley even covered thins season very well, there has been maybe like 3 podcasts on it,

    4. I know right. He's only had like 3 podcast with cast members from Exes. Zach has been on 3 times and he hasn't even had Ty, Emily, Diem, Camila, and CT on yet...

      I don't wanna hear about this crap.

  3. Derrick used to go over every episode of the challenge, not this season tho =/

    1. that what i was saying there was only like 4 podcasts about the season

  4. give him a break guys derrick has a job outside of this and he does the best that he can to give us the inside scoop on all challenge and real world information. You guys should be grateful that he even does this for us and side podcasts are always interesting Syrus was great lol


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