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May 12, 2012
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Get ready for an entirely way too funny comedy session between Host Derrick Kosinski, The Greenest Genius Mike Ross, and Knight-the last man standing from Real World: Back to New Orleans. The guys sit back and bust each others chops for over an hour eluding to the fact that Mike doesn't just have a "bromance" with his Vegas cast mate Leroy, but there's actually someone else!! Take a listen as the boys dig into past challenge moments, rekindle Real World history and discuss people, places,and things that have never been talked about on the podcast ever before. Be prepared to stay entertained for a full 1hr and 15min. The chemistry between these 3 is not like any other trio we've heard on a podcast. As always, sit back, relax and laugh a little.


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MTV Real World Knight, Mike Ross, Derrick Kosinski Podcast

Ultimate Challenge Radio, Derrick Kosinski Podcast
Derrick Kosinski Podcast
  "Knight & Mike Ross" Podcast 

-Shoutout to the 2012 Crossfit Games
-How Knight Makes a Girl Go "Back"
-Romantic Walks on the Beach with Mike and Knight
-Making Leroy Jealous
-A Black and White Bromance
-Knight's Real Name
-The Disappearance of Real World:New Orleans
-Teaching T-Ball to a 3 year old
-Knight and Jemmye's Relationship
-Shock Values:The Value of Shock
-The Greenest Genius:Helping Educate Kids Worldwide
-Our Dysfunctional Family
-Johnny Bananas Ferrari
-Paula's Text Messages
-Conversations with GOD
-Alter Boy Experiences
-Uncle Derrick
-Road Rules:Trip of a Lifetime
-What Kim Kardashian and Derrick have in Common
-The Challenge: 1st Thing That Comes to Mind
-Changes for Challenges

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  1. Derrick missed an opportunity to find more about what's going on with Jemmye and ask why none of the New Orleans 2 cast have been invited on to a challenge.

  2. Johnny says how he got the Bananas nickname in this video on
    He actually fucked a girl with a banana. It starts at the 53 minute mark.

    I almost didn't want to listen to this podcast after I read the first comment. Derrick should have asked Knight why none of the people from Back to New Orleans have been on a challenge. Were they asked and just declined or were they not asked? Knight and Jemmye on Battle of the Exes would have been hilarious.

  3. I agree with both of you. Not going to lie, I was disappointed with this podcast. Jemmye should come on because we all know she speak her mind. LOL. I really want to see Jemmye and Knight on a challenge. Derrick didn't really talk to Knight about the Jemmye situation. Disappointing.

  4. Have Jemmye on a podcast.

  5. i feel like knight would be good at the challenge's, MTV should have casted him sooner

  6. For the next challenge we need a challenge where more rookies need to get on like Knight and Mike cause technically he's still a rookie I think if Bunim Muarry is still high on doing the partner challenges why not have veteran rookie opposite sex pairings we need nola more cast members from dc other then ty and emily and san diego kids too

  7. BMP or MTV or whatever really needs to cast knight, they need a RWNOLA kid and knight is definetly the best one!! READ THIS BMP!!!!! PUT KNIGHT ON A CHALLENGE


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