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May 22, 2012 
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"A New Challenge"

The Wild Warrior Challenge is an exciting fun-filled 5k obstacle course designed to unleash your sense of adventure!!! And on this special segment of Ultimate Challenge Radio, Derrick decides to step up and take on the rugged terrains of Wild and Wonderful West Virginia. Although,the extended,raw and uncut version of this race is not available yet, one of the behind the scenes story lines is that Derrick is actually racing against a guy who runs a 5 minute mile. Let's just say Derrick had the lead up until the obstacle course,then the wheezing began.

Enjoy the footage below and if you live near the Morgantown, West Virginia area step up and take on the challenge!!

Follow Derrick's Twitter feed @DerrickMTV and WildWarriorChallenge.com for future updates.

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