Shot Of Yager / Derrick Kosinski Combo Podcast w/ Mark Long
(MTV "Real World: St. Thomas", "The Challenge", UFC Ring Girl)

June 4, 2012
Derrick Kosinski's "Ultimate Challenge Radio" Powered by Talent Network
Hosted By: Derrick Kosinski
Ultimate Love to:

"The Man Cave"

This is the place where guys go to be guys. This the place where the fellas get to do what they mean and mean what they say. This is the place where a dude gathers up all of his stuff and gets serious. This is "The Man Cave." And on this particular podcast, your gonna get 20 years of Reality T.V. Entertainment Experience from The Living Legend Mark Long, The Energy, Strength and Comedy that a powerful Yager Bomb should typically connect with from the one and only Scott Yager from and The Life Long Competitive Passion and Nature of Derrick Kosinski. When these powers combine, you've got nothing less than an Action-Packed Podcast discussing everything from the Brand New Real World: St. Thomas Trailer to The Challenge Guys most recent centerfold in US Weekly to Domestic Violence from a UFC Ring Girl who actually came back and finished the fight.

Go to your happy place,find a good seat and get comfortable with the "The Man Cave."


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MTV Real World St. Thomas Trailer Derrick, Mark Long, Shot of Yager

Ultimate Challenge Radio, Derrick Kosinski Podcast
ShotOfYager/Derrick Kosinski UCR Podcast
  w/Mark Long 
-Happy 20th Anniversary Real World
-Real World St.Thomas Trailer Breakdown
-Check Out Mark on The TV Guide Network June 4th, June 11th, July 9th and July 16th
-US Weekly Photo Shoot w/ Mark,C.T.,Johnny,and Ty Analyzation
-Johnny Bananas Losing the Lawsuit vs. Entourage
-Mark's Dad talks Ninja Warrior and being a Reality TV Dad
-NBA Playoffs
-Domestic Abuse by a UFC Ring Girl
-Why Road Rules WON'T be back
-MMA Action
-New Challenge Teaser
-The Challenge: Ultimate Fighter Style

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Real World: St.Thomas (Trailer #1)

Real World: St.Thomas Trailer #2

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Be sure to tune in for the new season on Wednesday, June 27 at 10/9c on MTV!


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