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October 12, 2012
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"Cleaning Out a Pool Full of Dirty Laundry"

WOW! This podcast is FULL of mayhem, much like the bus was the other night on The Challenge. Eric, Chet, and Knight join Derrick to sort out every one's dirty laundry. Later,the 4 decide to get together and clean it in the pool. Just kidding. But,yes, it pretty much gets that chaotic. We find out why the competitors are making these brash decisions and where the challenge power is going. Hear why C.J. is being called a "phony," how all the drama ensued on the bus, why Knight has been able to fly under the radar and tons more. Every situation thru the first 4 episodes has been thoroughly investigated and is being presented to you right here. Sit back and enjoy a very insightful range of thoughts explaining much of who, what, where, when and how this season of The Challenge has unfolded.


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Derrick Kosinski Ultimate Challenge Radio Podcast MTV Challenge Battle of Seasons

Ultimate Challenge Radio, Derrick Kosinski Podcast
Derrick Kosinski Podcast
  "w/Knight, Chet & Eric Podcast 

-Making Strong Teams Weaker
-Neurotic Behavior
-Figuring Out the Game as you go
-Why C.J.'s a Phony
-Leaders of the Pack
-Thoughts from the Peanut Gallery
-Alliances vs. Playing Tough
-A Knight's Tale
-Chet's Confusion
-The Middle Man
-Cleaning Clothes in the Pool
-Oops,didn't know it was Nany's
-Knight's Accomplice Revealed
-Trey's Choices
-Where San Diego and Chet went wrong
-Chet's Distaste for Frank
-Mayhem on the Bus
-Sorting out the Drama
-Devyn and Eric's First Kiss

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  1. Big Easy shouldn't be allowed to do this challenge, he can't even rolled in a final.He sucks dumbass. He doesn't have endurance and bright.

    Knight is a fat weak d bag that suck at this things .
    Chet is annoying A.F.

    CJ is a great guy.

    The first and third challenge wasn't a number alliance. Cancun/Vegas won in a fair way.

    Cancun/San Diego/Vegas are the strongest teams. To be honest very other team is kind of weak, with the exception of St.thomas that is average. So why no not alliance with the strongest teams?

    Big easy said that he didnt fuck up the oil wrestling? Mhm sweet heart you throwed that mission. Your all alliance did after the big alliance did the same

    That thing i dont get if it happen before on the episode in the fight Nany was like ''you throw my clothes in the pool!" So she saw the future? Knight proved that he is the biggest liar once again.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Geez D, I was dreading having to listen to Knight for an entire hour, ugh. His display on this last episode was horrible and there's no justification for it. Game or not. He has to resort to abusive garbage like that because he, like so many others in this challenge, cannot compete.

    I have to say, I think CJ is great guy, but I'm slightly disappointed on him. CJ has lots of potential, but the politics seem to have completely taken over the athletics. Landon wouldn't approve. They are using "the alliance" as an excuse to slack. I'm yet to see CJ in hardcore, competitive mode.

  4. I really don't like this challenge at all. These young kids don't play the game at all. I hate how they just tell each other who needs to win and it sucks. there's no competition at all. the other challenges people fought to be in first place they didn't have a meeting over it. these rookies need to have johnny and kenny back in there and show them what a challenge is all about!!

  5. there needs to be a challenge battle of the seasons II (minus Vegas, Sarah + Chet, Camila, I like Cancun and they are kicking ass so they get excluded) vs. battle of the motherfuckers who actually compete ... San Diego, St. Thomas, Fresh Meat, New Orleons kick rocks.


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