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October 12, 2012 
Derrick Kosinski's "Ultimate Challenge Radio" Powered by Talent Network 
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Ultimate Love to:, Dave Jacoby, Juliet Litman, Bill Simmons 

Even in Mocking, We love and appreciate the Print & Podcast shout out by Dave Jacoby/Juliet Litman on Reality TV Podcast today.



From: Grantland Network
Reality TV Friday Podcast: Jersey Shore, The Challenge, and Survivor

We might need to rename the podcast formerly known as "Reality TV Friday" to "The Knight Show." Not only is there wordplay going on, but we were so taken with Knight's performance on this week's Challenge that we couldn't help but spend a good 20 minutes analyzing his machinations. We also touched upon the bizarre romance of Big Easy and Devyn, as well as Jonny Moseley's appalling haircut. Scared of stepping on Derrick Kosinski's toes, we also talk about Survivor, Jersey Shore, and our respective Weird Watches of the Week. Stop being polite, get real with us. (Sorry, couldn't help myself.)

Story and Podcast Link Below. We get a mention at 33:00 into the podcast.

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