MTV The Challenge "Battle of the Seasons | Derrick w/ Trishelle & Zach Podcast

October 24, 2012
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Hosted By: Derrick Kosinski
Ultimate Love to:

Challenge legend Trishelle makes her Ultimate Challenge Radio debut and zach is back again to talk about the first 5 weeks of the challenge: battle of the seasons.

MTV The Challenge Battle of the Seasons DerrickTrishelle Zach Podcast

Ultimate Challenge Radio, Derrick Kosinski Podcast
Derrick Kosinski Podcast
  "w/Trishelle & Zach 

-Trishelle's Celebrity Background
-Trapped in a Dungeon
-Mentally Weak People
-Elements that add to the Madness
-Knight Moving People like Pawns
-Trishelle's Game Plan vs. Sarah
-The Vegas Volcano
-Getting in Alton's Head
-Brawl in the Weight Room
-Frank's Intellect
-Trishelle plays sick?!
-Camila's Explosion
-Eric's Debacle
-Zach's Future Rookie Team
-Trishelle's Future Vet Team
-C.J.,Dustin,and Frank's Skills
-Zach's Squad vs. Derrick's
-The Name Game
-Reality Check Time

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  1. You should have Trey on with somebody else and not bother having Laura on at all. Laura didn't matter on this challenge and It would be much more entertaining to hear Trey confront people in person. It's better to have both sides of the story and since Laura has no opinions it will be boring and I will not be listening.

  2. So one second Trishelle says that she doesn't watch the Challenges. A few seconds later she says she doesn't get what the fuss is with JEK (um, she would...IF SHE WATCHED THE FREAKING CHALLENGES!). The next second she proclaiming Frank as the best competitor ever on to grace this show? Based on one challenge full of rookies? With games consisting of hitting each other with a fish? And we are supposed to take her opinion seriously? What a joke.

  3. Dumbest people on this challenge is Team Cancun who is being used as the sacrificial lamb by Team San Diego. Need to get out Team San Diego to go to the final challenge. Team San Diego has an advantage because they have the most alliances, can beat Cancun at the physical challenge, and endurance challenge since they have two tall males and one tall female.

    Cancun literally wasted a challenge win getting out Eric and Camilla who were never a threat to win a challenge or winning the show. Become the top dog of an alliance with Vegas and Brooklyn against New Orleans and San Diego.

    1. Being tall has nothing to do with endurance!!!

    2. Except when the endurance challenge is to throw balls above a wall for sixty seconds. If it was a real endurance competition Eric couldn't have won it.

  4. what happened with Dustin and Alton not being brought back, especially Dustin because he seem pretty cool and level headed on the show!!

    1. My guess is a fight happened. It's in the previews.

  5. Whatever Trishelle was using to call in and talk, sounded great. everyone should use that!

  6. Great show. Now I'm stoked for a Vets VS Rookies season (which Derek NEEDS to be on). Then we'll see how well Team Frankandbeans fares against THE MOB.

  7. My team would be:

    Vet. Girls: Camila, Rachel (Campus Crawl), Evelyn, Susie and Sarah Rice

    Vet. Guys: CT, Johnny B., Landon, Darrel and Derrick.

  8. This challenge is kind of a snooze. Frank is supremely unlikable. San Diego was boring on RW and having them as the "top team" is just an indication of how boring this Challenge season is. I'll wait until next season when the producers bring back the big guns and JEK make Frank cry. If that doesn't happen next season, I'm done with the Challenge. Actually, just make a challenge where CT smashes Franks head and eats it.

    That's perfection.

    1. So first you're saying you hate Frank and team San Diego but yet you say you most definitely want to see him on the next challenge because you hate him so much? You're just falling into his and BMP's plan. I hate Frank, he's a bore and depressing. I don't want to see him on any other challenge ever. He takes the fun out of them. We have enough new villains who actually have redeeming qualities... the series doesn't need him.

    2. Wow I didn't think of it that way. You're right, I did fall into that. Hmmm, let's just do with Frank what everyone did with Speidi and ignore. A much better outcome.

  9. zach humor= theo von, are you killing me


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