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November 16, 2012
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Hosted By: Derrick Kosinski
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C.J. and Zach join Derrick Kosinski on the podcast today to talk all things 'Battle of the Seasons' 8 weeks into the challenge.

* All guests of todays podcast receive a gift card compliments GNC the largest global specialty retailer of nutritional products.

MTV Derrick Kosinski Podcast The Challenge Battle of the Seasons CJ Zach

Ultimate Challenge Radio, Derrick Kosinski Podcast
Derrick Kosinski Podcast
  "w/C.J. & Zach 

-Blood Bath Between 2 Friends
-C.J.'S Relentless Fight
-Zach turns into a Real Life "Incredible Hulk"
-Grey Areas with T.J.'s refereeing
-Feeling The Pressure
-Hitting the Dirt
-Talks of making Frank vs. Derek happen
-Joy For The Other Teams
-Picking Alliances
-The Vets Give C.J. and Ultimatum and Guess Who's Behind It...
-Integrity as The Big Winner
-Earning Respect
-Til' Death Do Us Part
-Super Proud of Sam
-Reasons behind Jasmine going in and not Jonna
-Not being prepared for The Challenge
-C.J.'S confrontation with Alton
-Understanding Frank from many angles
-Brooklyn's Best

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All guests of todays podcast receive a gift card compliments GNC.
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  1. The problem with Zach's analysis of the competitors who are left is that he seems to mainly base it on how strong they are, saying things like his sister could beat up JD. Finals are first and foremost endurance, then mental, and strength is the least important. Look at CT in the Exes final. Diem isn't physically strong, but she did all the puzzles and was able to endure the long trek, but tough guy CT couldn't keep up. The log challenge should have shown Zach that there's more than strength to these finals. With that said I still agree with him on some of the players being weak, just not for the same reasons. Chet would be good in a final, but not a physical arena. Brooklyn needs to lose Devyn and San Diego needs to lose Sam if they want a chance at the final.

    1. agreed but I hafta add that there won't be a rule in the finals, like there was on the log challenge that Zach can't carry the lionshare of the load and/or Sam.

  2. Awesome podcast from 2 of the baddest dudes in the house!

  3. Wasn't it said by the Vegas team, in the show, that Alton didn't go into the Arena because his own teammates didn't trust him to go into the Arena? Nany recruited Dustin because SHE didn't want to go in with case he felt like losing on purpose so he could go home. (There's your answer, CJ.)

    Anyway, I've been waiting for CJ to do something on these Challenges like he did last week against Zach. I'm glad he got the chance. He went home, but he still won 3-2 and gain tons of respect.

  4. @Anonymous

    CT has done well in past finals. He didn't do well his last one because his feet kept sinking in the snow. Johnny revealed that he was just following CT's foot prints, making it much easier to get up the mountain since CT already broke the snow.

    1. also, being a 33 year old smoker doesn't help.

  5. LOL at the guest gift.


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